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Questions and Answers about Remote Recruiting and Hiring with Remoto Workforce    

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How long will the hiring process be?

From the moment we have the green light from you, it generally takes 2-3 weeks to find the candidates and go through the interview and hiring process. 

Will I interview the candidates?

Yes. We will prescreen the candidates for you and you will interview them using an online tool like Zoom, GoogleMeet or Microsoft Teams. 

Will my employee(s) speak English?

Of course, Mexicans do speak English. Depending on your needs, we can find someone with conversational speaking ability or request someone with an American accent. 

Will I be paying Remoto in US dollars?

Yes, you will be paying Remoto in US dollars through ACH. 

How do I communicate with my employee(s)?

We will provide each employee a phone with a local (to you) US phone number, and a computer. 

If I hire an employee through Remoto, will I be liable for abiding by local Mexican labor law?

No. You are the official supervisor of the employee but Remoto is the legal employer of the employee, therefore we take assume this risk for you. You have no liability to whatsoever related to the hiring through Remoto. 

Whom do I talk to if I have an issue?

We will assign you a Remoto customer service representative during the length of the hire. If there are any questions or concerns you would like to share with us, you can contact your designated Remoto CSR and they will assist you. 

What are the work conditions of the employees with Remoto?

The employees we hire are offered competitive wages and benefits, including private health and life insurance, and excellent HR support.  

Can I go visit my employee(s) in Mexico to discuss my project in person?

Sure. Remoto strongly recommends you to visit us in Puebla and meet your employee(s) in person. This will reinforce the human relationship aspect between you and the employee(s). It will automatically change the dynamics. You will have full access to our facility with a conference room with internet access. Trust me, you will love the local Mexican food!

Do my employee(s) get vacations?

Yes. They are entitled to vacation time according to the Mexican labor laws. Remoto charges you only for the hours they do work. You do not pay for their vacations. We handle that for you. 

Will my employee(s) be working during my normal office hours?

Yes. Puebla is in the Central Time Zone so the schedule of the employee(s) can easily be adjusted to yours. In addition, employees working in Central Time gives you latitude to expand your business hours. 

What are the employee working conditions with Remoto?

We offer better work conditions, a more professional work environment, and higher salaries than our competition, so we are able to maintain an extremely solid employee retention rate of 95% 

Does remote work means working from home?

No. It means working outside the office. This could be from home or from anywhere else outside the office. We offer employees the option of working from home or from our facility. This way, everyone stays safe. it gives them a good option during the COVID  pandemic. 

Will my employee(s) in Mexico be working on Mexican Holidays?

If you wish, your employee can work on Mexican holidays and they will receive compensation according to Mexican Labor Laws. It is also fine if you decide to give them time off to spend with their family.  

How should I start a my new remote hiring strategy at my company?

A proper job description is the first step in helping our expert recruiters outline the ideal attributes for any given open position.

We recommend that you take a look at this Job Profiles Hiring in the US and Canada in order to start your remote outsourced remote recruitment process.   

What is the difference between Candidate Profile and a Job Description?

A Job Description focuses on the specific role and hard skills. On the other hand, a candidate’s profile focuses on the qualities (soft skills) of the perfect candidate.

If you need assistance, call us now. A Remoto Workforce consultant can address all your concerns, questions, and first steps. 

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