How the Remote Hiring Process Works 

We generally place skilled professionals across a range of specializations within 2-3 weeks. .


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Outsourced recruiting is good for business

When you work with Remoto Workforce, you allow talent acquisition experts to identify the right candidates needed for business growth and efficiency.  


Candidate Profiling 

Our experts in HR meet with you virtually to identify the qualities, skills, and proficiency levels needed to pinpoint ideal candidates.  

Recruitment process

Remoto Workforce advertises the positions, prescreens the applicants, and coordinates all interviews with you.

You decide who will be hired, and Remoto handles the rest.



We not only provide a comprehensive onboarding process, we also offer assistance and expertise related to engagement and ongoing HR support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the hiring process be?

From the moment we have the green light from you, it generally takes about 2-3 weeks to find the candidates and go through the interview and hiring process.

Will I interview the candidates?

Yes. We will prescreen the candidates for you and you will interview them using an online tool like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.  

Will my employee(s) speak English?

Of course, Mexicans do speak English. Depending on your needs, we can find someone with conversational speaking ability or request someone with an American accent.

Does remote work means working from home?

No. It means working outside the office. This could be from home or from anywhere else outside the office. We offer employees the option of working from home or from our facility. This way, everyone stays safe.

Will my employee(s) in Mexico be working on Mexican Holidays?

If you wish, your employee can work on Mexican holidays and they will receive compensation according to Mexican Labor Laws. It is also fine if you decide to give them time off to spend with their family.

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