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Somos una de las mejores empresas de Outsourcing Global de Recursos Humanos en México especializada en trabajo remoto con una red valiosa de +100 clientes en NorteAmérica. Nuestros candidatos deben demostrar experiencia y un alto nivel de confianza para hablar en Inglés y desempeñarse con éxito en un entorno digital y tecnológico, con emocionantes desafíos para sus carreras.

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Product Manager / Gerente de producto

The Product Manager will help identify, drive and execute on business opportunities that have high strategic value for the company. Is aligned with the product roadmap and vision and can be translated into usable and useful products for our customers.

Piping Mechanical Engineer / Ingeniero Mecánico de Tuberías

We are looking for a Mechanical Engineer with 7+ years of pipe stress analysis experience who ensures that the pipe routing done by the piping designer or Engineer (Layout) is consistent with the allowable’s in the applicable piping Codes. 

Motion Graphic Designer / Animador Gráfico

As a Motion Graphic Designer, you will create a wide range of motion assets for our brands, games, sports networks, musicians and rand partners. We need a creative professional with experience in 2D AE graphic design and 3D C4D design.

Civil Engineer / Ingeniero(a) Civil

The civil engineer will participate in independent and collaborative team situations while employed in office and field work environments. Additionally, you could work alongside other engineers in the planning, design, development, and evaluation stages of projects.

Mechanical Designer / Diseñador(a) mecánico

The Mechanical Designer is responsible for creating models in CAD, help design new products, create standard models, and edit any changes based on customer preference.

Executive Assistant / Asistente Ejecutivo

We are looking for a 5+ years’ experience Executive Assistant with exceptional organizational multitasking skills and impeccable attention to detail. Desire to have long-term engagement with this job.

Recruiting Specialist / Especialista en Reclutamiento

The RS will generate new potential candidate pipelines in partnership with experienced recruiters by researching and reviewing online biographies and contacting associates to initiate relationships with Lateral Link recruiters.

Marketing Director / Director(a) de Marketing

You will lead our marketing agency with the development of our email marketing, content creation, media campaigns, and sponsorship programs; all of which support our webinar marketing machine.

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Todos los días, vemos el poder de personas increíbles que aportan su talento único con un propósito compartido: innovar, desafiar e impulsar el cambio.

Estamos ansiosos de trabajar juntos y verte lograr grandes cosas.

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Somos una de las mejores empresas de Outsourcing Global de Recursos Humanos en México. 

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