Best Human Resources Strategies For US Small Business

Outsourcing, upskilling, and working with HR metrics are our top best human resource strategies for US small businesses in 2022.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 22, 2022

An excellent HR strategy will allow you to focus on small business’ growth and analyze how your value propositions for employees are developed in 2022.

Moreover, by implementing outstanding HR strategies, you can align your business’s core values and goals with recruitment, hiring, and onboarding initiatives.

Additionally, creating HR strategies are helpful resources to add flexibility and incorporate diversity, inclusion, gender parity, and work ethics in small businesses.

This Remoto Workforce blog post will present you the best human resources strategies for the US small business in 2022.



Outsourcing benefits all small businesses in the US and allows you to focus on your growth and expansion. In this blog post, we explain to you five things every business owner in the US should know about outsourcing. We recap some of these things for your information:

Outsourcing allows you to work on your business, not your business: You will delegate solutions and focus on yourself by outsourcing your remote employees.

You can focus on your business’ expansion and growth through outsourcing: While delegating tasks to your remote employees, you can develop your company’s internal structure and diversify your talent pool.

You can get quality work at reasonable prices with outsourcing: best outsourcing practices lead to saving costs in any business.

By outsourcing your remote employees, you can reduce payrolls and people ops costs: with this in mind, you can lead with empathy and commit to your company.

Trusting outsourcing partners is essential: if you are interested to know more about outsourcing remote employees, you can trust Remoto Workforce.


HR Metrics

Human metrics are essential for monitoring the development of your hiring and recruiting initiatives. In addition, HR metrics help analyze whether the goals of your HR plan are being met and if they coincide with your company’s corporate culture.

To analyze your recruiting initiatives, you can estimate the cost per hire. You will calculate the operating costs derived from hiring staffing agencies and interviews through this formula.

In this video, you can learn more about how to implement HR metrics in your company.



According to Kate Brush, upskilling “is a workplace trend that facilitated continuous learning by providing training programs and development” in companies.

Also, Susan R. Vroman and Tiffany Danko explain how to build a successful upskilling program in small businesses in three crucial aspects:

Empower your employees and foster their careers: upskilling is a great alternative to promote career growth in your remote employees.

Sometimes, employees work in each company motivated by training opportunities, and you can include this as an element of your value proposition for your remote workers.

Show Where Ideas Go: through upskilling, you can extend the values and mission of your company.

Even if your remote employees decide to abandon your company, they will be reproducing your core values in numerous places.

In the end, you will be communicating your ideas and brand through the people who had the chance to work with you.

Provide a road map: by offering upskilling opportunities, you will have the chance to create a diverse and balanced workforce.


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