How to calculate your Staffing Needs in 2022

Budgeting and planning your personal needs correctly will be positive for your company. This includes identifying today's opportunities in North America.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - March 28, 2022

Calculating the staffing needs of any company is relevant to any human resource planning process.  

With the current thriving economy, staffing costs and planning will gain more relevance during 2022 since it allows business owners and human resources analysts to anticipate financial scenarios, align business goals, needs, and identify growth opportunities.  

As a result, budgeting and planning correctly your staffing needs will be positive for small businesses in Canada and the U.S. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about how to calculate and plan your company’s staffing needs. 


Identify your business goals  

Identifying your company’s goals is essential in planning the business model. 

Jeremy Bradly asserts that setting your company’s goals is equivalent to giving direction to a greater purpose. 

In addition, by establishing goals, you develop a sustainable growth strategy that comprehends optimum human resources management and planning.  

At this point, it will be essential to identify how those goals will be achieved through specific actions and know what job positions to fill to expand your business in 2022.  

Take this for example, are you planning to make your workforce completely remote? If so, include the transition to a full outsourced remote workforce in your staffing needs calculation and human resource planning.  

Finally, remember that your goals must be realistic, innovative, and measurable over time.   

If you implement correct metrics and trust HR directors, administrators, generalists and senior payroll managers, you will notice how your business and remote workforce will be strengthened in 2022.  

In this video, the Young Entrepreneur Forum will teach you seven tips to calculate your business’s goals in 2022, including being specific in planning and developing market research.  




Identify staffing needs and opportunities  

In a strict sense, staffing comprises a series of recruitment and hiring processes for the most suitable workers to occupy certain positions in a company.  

For doing this, business owners and HR managers will want to implement numerous KPI’s to determine the best of candidates for specific roles and onboard them in 2022. Indeed, this entails identifying the staffing needs and opportunities for small businesses in North America.   

Small business owners and startup founders may want to include staffing needs and opportunities in their human resources plan, as a small and weak workforce can slow business growth.  

However, according to Andra Picincu, “It is essential to assess if it is really necessary that a certain company needs to hire more people or if there is any way to improve employees performance or help them develop the skills they already have ” asks Picincu. 

You can decide whether to hire more workers or provide training opportunities for your current employees.  

When you incorporate staffing needs and opportunities into your HR plan, you’ll put strategically minded drivers in your company to boost its growth. As a result, you will have benefits, such as better viewing your business decision, reducing costs, and anticipating talent.  


Make a Staffing Plan   

Developing a staffing plan is critical for building strategic planning and development in business. To buid your 2022 staffing plan, you’ll need to consider these steps: 

  • Define a budget.  
  • Establish a recruiting strategy that includes compelling job positions, hiring procedures, and onboarding checklists.  
  • Create a succession plan to identify critical roles in a company.   


Meet Your Staffing Needs With These HR Resources

Developing a staffing plan can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily, there are several resources to include in your staffing plan to help you streamline your hiring and recruiting processes.

Here are the five best HR resources to include in your staffing plan.


USGS Workforce Planning Toolkit

The Workforce Planning Toolkit will help you track your staffing needs through guides and templates that include personnel needs at all levels.

For example, when developing your staffing plan, The Workforce Planning Toolkit will provide you with ideas to include, such as payment and benefits, anti-harassment programs, conflict management, employee and career development, and performance and awards.


Jobvite Hire

Jobvite Hire is a great tool to help you streamline and simplify your hiring process. Undoubtedly, it will be essential to planning your staffing needs. With Jobvite Hire, you can post job openings, collect applications, and manage candidates in one place.

The platform also includes a built-in talent CRM, so you can keep track of your most promising candidates and even score them against each other.



Bamboo HR is an online human resources software that helps businesses manage employee data and meet staffing needs, including payroll, time off, and performance reviews. The software is simple and user-friendly, focusing on automating HR tasks. For example, you can gather information to determine how many employees you need for specific projects.

As a result, Bamboo HR frees your recruiters to focus on more strategic initiatives. Also, Bamboo HR offers several features that improve the overall employee experience. For example, the software includes a self-service portal where employees can view their records and request time off.

This makes it easy for employees to stay on top of their HR responsibilities without constantly relying on their managers.

If you want to deepen your understanding of how to determine your staffing needs, watch this fantastic video.


Developing a Staffing Plan Will Help Your Business Save Money and Be More Efficient

Developing a staffing plan will help you meet your employees’ needs and take your company’s productivity to the next level. By identifying your business goals, needs, and growth opportunities and getting the right tools to streamline the hiring and recruiting process, you will save expenses and be more efficient.

Have you considered creating a staffing plan for your company? Let us know. At Remoto Workforce, we’re ready to hear more from you.


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