How COVID-19 makes Remote Working the new normal

COVID pandemic has suddenly changed the way our daily lives go.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - December 16, 2021

We are all aware of the current scenario, the global pandemic of COVID 19. COVID pandemic has suddenly changed the way our daily lives go. The lockdown, social isolation, and 24-hour emergency resulted in a complete end point. As a result, we face business loss, business closures, business disaster, recession, high prices, etc.

A survey of more than 5,800 small businesses conducted by Columbia University, New York, NY –The impact of COVID-19 on small business outcomes and expectations, let us understand the financial fragility of many small businesses. Mass layoffs and closures have already occurred-only a few weeks after the crisis.

Millions of small-business owners across the country started to think how to overcome the situation. To to stay in business, owners found creative ways to change their operating models working. Most of them did a total shift to remote work.


Remote Working

Remote Working becomes the new normal. But is remote work a benefit to businesses and their employees? The answer is Yes. In a survey of remote workers by Morning Consult and The New York Times, 86 percent said they were satisfied working from home. Spending more time with their family, delivering better results due to maximum productivity, energy and creativity just to point out the basis of what has changed.

But start and building a new strategy company culture in remote work settings can be challenging. Employers are also finding it harder to recruit, hiring and manage remote workers. That’s why companies like Remoto Workforce offers custom solutions to provide an exceptional remote employee recruitment (free of charge) and outsourcing service in Mexico for US and Canadian companies on a month-to-month prepaid contract.


What is Remote Outsourcing?

Partnering with the right outsourcing company can help you grow your business and consistently deliver high-quality products and excellent service. Aside from being cost-effective, outsourcing is efficient in countless ways.

You can outsource almost any role that can be remotely performed – from customer service / reps, graphic designers, project managers, senior accountants, controllers, product manager / engineers, administrative assistants, marketing managers, copywriters and more.

Most companies are now partnering with staffing agencies to place qualified remote workers. With the right Remote Outsourcing solution, your staffing company partner will be in charge of all legal responsibilities, saving you from recessions, employee lawsuits, hiring poor performing employees, internal unprofessional confrontations between employees, etc.


Nearshoring in Mexico

Today, you will find reliable outsourcing companies based in Mexico that can give US companies a true competitive advantage of nearshoring. The cost of hiring a team of talented Mexican employees is one-third of the cost of hiring them in the United States without loosing full control of team’s processes, tasks, KPIs and service quality.

The process for hiring remote staff is not complicated and you can Get Started with a Free Recruitment.



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