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What qualifications, skills and experience required the Project Manager (Shopify) to be successful in their role?

The Project Manager (Shopify) will work in an agency that builds custom Shopify Plus stores, apps for the Shopify App Store, and themes for the Shopify Theme Store. The Project Manager (Shopify) will have experience working at a Shopify agency who will lead front-end development projects for Shopify Plus merchants.

The Project Manager (Shopify) Responsibilities:

  • Scoping project requirements and creating development estimates and timelines
  • Acting as a liaison between our development team and our clients
  • Communicating regularly with the clients in Slack and Asana for task management
  • Staying on top of task timelines and commitments
  • Managing multiple projects (retainers and one-off projects)
  • Most importantly, maintaining and growing client relationships

The Project Manager (Shopify) Requirements:

  • Solid experience managing the launch of large Shopify builds, preferably on Plus.
  • Experience managing projects at an agency or as an experienced freelancer.
  • Backwards and forwards knowledge of all things Shopify and its limitations.
  • Experience working alongside a front-end development team.
  • Experience scoping projects requirements and drafting Statement of Works.
  • Superb communication skills. You can speak with confidence and clarity to clients.
  • Strong organization and planning skills. Staying on top of client requests and deadlines is the name of the game.
  • Basic proficiency with HTML/CSS/JS and Liquid (preference to candidates with strong technical backgrounds).
  • Eye for design. You should be able to make design recommendations to clients on the fly.


Project Manager (Shopify) – USA & Canada
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