How to Handle Staffing Shortages: A New Approach

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Many industries face talent shortages, have to do more with less, and struggle to find and recruit great talent. And, we have found many organizations are not fully utilizing the team that they do have. This episode of Cychology addresses an innovative new approach to staffing shortages that you may not have considered – and are within your control. The reality is, instead of looking externally for talent, you can look internally at your own climate. By simply reducing the emotional waste (drama) within your organization, you’ll be amazed at the profound impact on levels of productivity.

Cy Wakeman is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, international leadership thought leader, keynote speaker and expert blogger for Forbes, Huffington Post, and

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Our research has shown that the average employee spends 2 1/2 hours each day in drama, and that leaders spend 5 hours a week dealing with drama from their employees. What if, instead of wasting your precious time on complaining and moaning, that time could be significantly reduced for more productive efforts? Imagine the savings your organization could have without this emotional waste!

At Reality-Based Leadership, we offer leaders and employees innovative tools and techniques to develop great mental processes that will significantly reduce this emotional waste (drama) in the workplace.

If you are a leader or manager wondering things like:
How can I do more with less?
How can I find great talent?
What can I do to address the talent shortage in my industry?
How can I effectively manage my team for results?
How do I deal with low performers?
How can I keep my top performers engaged?
How can I keep my team motivated when we are short staffed?
How can I spend less time dealing with drama on my team?
How do I improve my organizational culture?

This video may give you a new perspective to consider and some tips and techniques to incorporate within your team immediately.

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Let’s keep ditching the drama.

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