How We Work: Inside Google Staffing

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Watch this in-depth video to learn about careers in our growing staffing organization, to get insight into our company’s hiring principles, and for a Q&A with Google’s Staffing leaders. Then, find your role on our team: t

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2:06 How does Staffing build teams across Google?
6:27 How do Staffing Googlers partner with business leaders?
9:36 What are the values that drive Google Staffing’s work?
15:18 How do Googlers in Staffing grow and develop their careers?
18:03 How do I get a job on Google’s Staffing Team?
24:02 Q&A

*G&A means “General & Administrative,” which includes People Operations, Finance, Legal, and more.
*HRBP is a role within People Operations called “Human Resources Business Partner”

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