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The sectors of the economy with the highest demand for remote labor in the US labor market are finance, business, and information technology.
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Remote working is a dominant trend in global labor markets that has been deepened in the COVID-19 pandemic context. The global expansion of the coronavirus disease, which brought mobility restrictions imposed by the world governments to control contagion rates, radically transformed the labor market. Currently, remote jobs are viable for people desiring to work at home. Also, remote working is an excellent option for staffing agencies and businesses transitioning to outsourcing recruitment 

Which sectors of the economy have a higher demand for remote workers? In Remoto, we list job profiles for positions in the finance, business, and information technology sectors.  


The U.S. Labor Market  


Nowadays, the US labor market is experiencing exciting changes. Currently, the job offer has increased while hiring shows a downward trend. Indeed, since the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are deciding to quit their jobs on-site due to burnout, stress, and mental illness according to Andrew Hunter. For these reasons, remote working is acquiring great prominence.  

According to Global Workplace Analytics, by 2021, 25-30% of the workforce will be remote. The Becker Friedman Institute for Economics of the University of Chicago state has researched the American labor market to assert that workers feel more productive working from home.

Additionally, reports Global Workplace Analytics, 16% of companies operate remotely in the United States. For this reason, human resources specialists, staffing agencies, and potential employees need to observe changes in labor market trends and start betting on distance working to maximize earnings. 

The sectors of the economy with the highest demand for remote labor in the US labor market are finance, business, and information technology. In the next section, we present to you a list of remote job profiles for the most demanded positions in these economic sectors.  

Sectors of the American Economy that have a higher demand for remote workers: A List 


Remote Jobs

Remote Business Analyst

In companies, the role of the business analyst is to effectively elicit information concerning clients and develop research and solutions for corporations. Usually, the business analyst is part of the finance, product, and sales departments, and must develop data visualizations, gather business requirements, identify trends in markets, create project plans, and establish solid bonds with stakeholders. For being a remote business analyst, you need to have experience in agile frameworks, project management, and remote working through information technologies and have a degree in computer since, finance, or business administration.   

Remote Finance Manager

The role of the remote finance system manager of a company is to create metadata and report maintenance in financial systems. Also, the remote finance system manager must administer, configure, and provide information to support operations of the company, and strengthen the customer services. If you have leadership skills and accountability, finance, or information technology degrees, this job is a great fit for you.  


Remote Information Specialist

The primary responsibility of the Remote Information Specialist is to ensure operational and transactional activities in the companies. This specialist offers technological support to reduce costs and improve profitability. If you have a degree in information technologies and experience working from home, with agile and efficient time management perspectives, this job position will benefit you.  


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