What Role Does a Head of Remote Play in Remote Companies

The Head of Remote Work is a bright and innovative role and a highly specialized position.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - February 24, 2022


The Head of Remote is a functional job position that ensures the agility and durability of the workforce when productive activities are decoupled from a physical location, for instance, an office building.  

Likewise, the Head of Remote usually plays the role of consultant in significant issues for business owners and human resources specialists, such as employee training, onboarding initiatives, and internal communication processes.  

So why do companies hire a Head of Remote? What are the responsibilities inherent to this position? What skills are essential to become a Head of Remote in each organization? In Remoto, we explain to you all about this exciting position.  


Why Companies Hire a Head of Remote

The Head of Remote Work, also recognized as the ‘Head of Remote,’ ‘Chief of Remote,’ or ‘Director of remote,’ is a bright and innovative role in human resource management.  

Generally, the Head of Remote is a directive or executive-level job position that leads the transition of the workforce to remote environments. The primary purpose of the Head of Remote Work is to maintain the organizational culture despite the distance with the workers, which is achieved through onboarding strategies and tactics that merge knowledge on human resources, management, and technology. 

During the COVID-19 global emergency, hiring a Head of Remote became urgent for large and small organizations and businesses due to the challenges that digital environments and technologies imposed in economies.  

According to Showpad, Facebook was one of the first companies to officially announce the creation of the Head of Remote position, allowing all workers to perform their activities from home.  

Quora was another company that decided to generate a Head of Remote position after hiring 60% of the workforce remotely.  

Undoubtedly, the Head of Remote is a job position that emerges strongly nowadays and will have great importance in the future. Therefore, if you seek to outsource your employees entirely, you should consider hiring a Head of Remote Work. 


Responsibilities of a Head of Remote 

The Head of Remote is responsible for the leadership of the distance workforce in a company.  

This person also manages remote operations, technological security measures for employees, and onboarding strategies to build close relationships between coworkers who will never have the chance to meet in person.  

In addition, the Head of Remote creates and implements projects for the management of human resources from home and develops training activities for all employees using technologies.  

Finally, the Head of Remote examines the success of organizations in their transition to virtual environments through research and reports. 


Skills required to become Head of Remote  

For selecting a good Head of Remote for your company, you need to consider effective skills, such as leadership, flexibility, collaboration, time management, communication, and team management.  

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that the Head of is a senior, highly specialized position, so you need to identify experience in human resources and uses of technology in a candidate.  



We’d recommend that you watch this video where Liam will talk about more about the qualities that Head of Remote needs to succeed.



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