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As a goal, we offer American companies an alternative solution to their efforts related to Human Resources. Our solution provides significant benefits that will make your company more profitable, successful, and help you overcome and/or avoid unexpected challenges such as recessions, employee lawsuits, hiring poor performing employees, internal unprofessional confrontations between employees, etc.

Here is the list of benefits Remoto can offer you…

  • Cost savings on wages
  • Cost savings on worker’s comp
  • Cost savings on unemployment tax
  • Recruiting service free of charge
  • Access to highly skilled, qualified candidates
  • Fluent English workers
  • Reduce turn-overs
  • Workers can work from home and at our state-of-the-art work office
  • Local supervision
  • Same time zone as USA
  • Possibility of easily extending business hours
  • Minimize overtime wages
  • Reduction of office space
  • Reduction of liabilities on employment laws
  • Increase employee retention
  • Access to a wider pool of applicants
  • Make a better use of technology
  • Assigned Remoto CSR
  • Increase productivity
  • and Increase in profits.

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