Your Key To Success: 4 Benefits of Remote Work

There are many benefits worth mentioning when it comes to working remotely.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 21, 2022

The pandemic has significantly changed the way people think about their daily work.

Today we use technology to communicate to each other, improve time-management and producing better results at work. This integration of technology, innovation, and labor flexibility has resulted in a more engaged employee’s workforce and greater value to organizations.


Benefits of Remote Work

There are many benefits worth mentioning when it comes to working remotely.

One of the most important is the positive feeling around day-to-day responsibilities. The interactions are more valuable and the level of commitment increases as people feel better connected and more engaged within his company.

Better use of working time gives us the opportunity to achieve higher levels of Work Life Balance.


Higher productivity

Remote workers consistently outperform and meet their targets, master new processes, and support company culture.

According to a two-year Stanford University  investigation of a NASDAQ-listed Chinese travel agency with 16,000 employees, remote employees are on average:

  • 13.5% more productive than traditional office workers.
  • 9% more committed to their work.
  • Remote workers also reported better job satisfaction and experienced lower turnover.


A different Workforce

Since the pandemic situation, the way we value work as part of our lives has changed significantly. This has created a younger and radically different workforce.

Remote workers value more time and space to balance their personal and professional lives. They can travel, move, take care of their families, spend time on hobbies, and engage in other non-work related recreational activities.

This may seem counterintuitive, and most of the time a remote worker is seen as someone who is just sitting in their pajamas, just concentrating on their computer, but in reality, remote work requires focus, autonomy, being motivated and being productive.


Better salary

By hiring a remote employee, companies can tap into a much broader pool of top-tier talent.

With this unique opportunity in the labor market, geographic barriers are non-existent, which means that an employee in Mexico can work for companies in the United States and Canada without leaving their place of residence, but earning a better salary.

That is exactly what Remote Workforce offers – an American company with offices in Puebla, Mexico that provides an outsourcing service of remote employee(s) for American and Canadian companies.

Higher-paid employees who can work remotely create more possibilities to transform the culture and move it towards a more inclusive, collaborative and technologically connected one.


Labor flexibility

Remote jobs in some cases are not limited to conventional work hours. Someone in your creative workforce can be invaluable for their excellent role in a company’s projects without the need for a fixed schedule.

This collaborative model allows companies to reduce downtime while encouraging employees to be more autonomous with priorities and workflow.

Technology also offers remote teams more opportunities to connect, contribute and collaborate.

Thanks to the expansion of technology in terms of digital communication, virtual teams tend to collaborate and share information more easily. Tools such as Skype , Slack , Zoom , Dropbox and even Google Drive help in virtual collaboration for any remote work team, thus benefiting from learning at their own pace and managing their workflows.




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