7 Ways to promote your Employer Brand and Grow Your RM

Looking to attract top talent? Here are seven ways to promote your employer brand while enhancing your recruitment marketing efforts.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - September 25, 2022

As the war for talent continues, it’s more important than ever for businesses to invest in employer branding and recruitment marketing. However, what is the difference between the two terms? Knowing this, it would be helpful for HR specialists and recruitment professionals to use both interchangeably.

One way to go is that you can promote your employer’s brand by increasing your recruitment marketing strategies. How? Here are seven different methods of doing it, but first, it’s essential that you understand the differences between employer branding and recruitment marketing.


Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing: What Sets Them Apart?

According to Sara Miteva, employer branding allows you to create a unique identity for your company’s workforce that helps you attract top talent and retain fantastic remote employees. In this regard, employers’ brands can be fostered by developing marketing materials focusing on your workers and promoting your corporate culture and values.

On the other hand, recruitment marketing is a process used to attract and hire well-qualified individuals. Some might see it as a type of inbound marketing. What sets employer branding and recruitment marketing apart?

While employer branding focuses on creating a unique identity for your company, recruitment marketing concentrates on promoting your job openings to the right candidates.

Usually, recruitment marketing strategies include creating targeted content to engage potential candidates. By using a mix of strategies, you can attract the best talent to your company and fill your open positions quickly and easily. At the same time, you can nurture your brand as an employer.

As you can see, a symbiotic relationship exists between recruitment marketing and employer branding initiatives.


How to Relate Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing to Attract Top Talent? 7 Powerful Ways to do It

Here are seven ways to connect your employer branding efforts with recruitment marketing strategies.


#1. Make a Good First Impression

Your employer brand begins with your website. Think of your website as your digital storefront; it should be inviting, informative, and easy to navigate. Potential employees should be able to quickly and easily find information about your company’s culture, values, and mission. You’re already at a disadvantage if your website is outdated or difficult to use.

Having an excellent website, which is easy to use and ranks well on search engines like Google, is essential to any recruitment marketing strategy and employer branding initiative. An SEO specialist, a UI-UX specialist, and a marketing manager can help you produce your corporate website.

In addition, a blog writer can help you generate content to promote your job postings and keep readers up-to-date about your company culture. This will also strengthen your employer identity.


#2. Use Social Media Marketing to Build Your Brand

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to build your employer’s brand. Share content showcasing your company culture and values, highlighting any unique benefits or perks you offer employees. Utilizing social media will help you reach a larger audience and connect with potential employees who might not otherwise hear about your company.

If you want to learn more about social media marketing, we recommend you watch this video


#3. Stay Active on Job Boards and Professional Platforms

Job boards and professional platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn are both excellent for promoting your employer’s brand and boosting your recruitment marketing efforts.

Posting regularly will help keep your company top of mind for potential candidates who are actively searching for new opportunities. Be sure to include key information about your company culture and values in each post, along with any unique benefits or perks you offer employees.


#4. Connect with Potential Employees

In addition to staying active on job boards and LinkedIn, take the time to connect with potential employees directly through social chats or meetups.

Also, we recommend you attend career fairs, host info sessions on college campuses, or reach out via email or social media to let candidates know about open positions at your company. The personal touch will go a long way in making potential employees feel valued —and more likely to want to work for you.


#5. Showcase Your Company Culture

Your company culture should be front and center when promoting your employer’s brand. Include pictures and videos on your website and social media platforms that show what life is like at your firm, such as employee testimonials or success stories, as well as a virtual tour of your office space.

Synchronize these actions with your recruitment marketing strategies, and remember that the goal is to give potential employees a taste of what it would be like to work for you so they can decide if it’s the right fit for them.


#6. Offer Unique Benefits

Use recruitment marketing to disclose information about the benefits of working with you and communicate your brand as an employer. Even if you can’t offer competitive salaries across the board, there are other ways to entice potential employees —like offering unique benefits or perks that set you apart from other employers.


#7. Train Your Current Employees

Promoting your employer brand isn’t just about attracting new talent —it’s also about retaining the great employees you already have. You can reach this goal through social media marketing and email marketing.

For instance, you can use social media platforms to post information about your company. Also, you can create email marketing campaigns to elevate employee morale in the workplace and strengthen your employer’s brand.



Attracting top talent is essential to the success of any business, but it’s not always easy. With so many businesses competing for the same pool of candidates, how can you make sure yours stands out from the crowd?

The answer lies in linking employer branding and recruitment marketing. By investing in connecting both, you’ll build a strong reputation that will help you attract the best candidates.


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