How Indeed Hiring Fund Will Help Small Business Hire in 2022

Indeed has been creating funding initiatives to support small and medium-sized businesses to boost their hiring processes in 2022. Learn how in this blog post.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 24, 2022

Indeed have been supporting small businesses to hire excellent employees in 2022. Companies and workers typically use Indeed’s tools to communicate and engage in exciting recruitment initiatives.

Recently, Indeed has launched the Indeed Small Business Hiring Fund to deliver $50 million to US-based small and medium-sized companies. By providing this financial support, Indeed will allow grantees to use all platform features to find, schedule, communicate, and have job interviews with potential candidates.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you how the Indeed Small Business Hiring Fund works and how you can access this financial initiative in 2022.


The Indeed Small Business Hiring Fund Explained

On May 10, Indeed launched its Small Business Hiring Fund to help companies in the US improve their hiring process.

Thus, the fund aims to help business owners, HR specialists, and recruiters address their weaknesses in their hiring initiatives.

As a result, Indeed provides small and medium-sized businesses free access to all its platform features to speed up their hiring process.

The hiring fund emerged from an extensive study developed by Indeed, which illustrated the US’s current small and medium business needs in HR management.

This research demonstrated that business owners need to make their hiring processes faster to grow and expand their operations.

For example, the participants of this study affirmed that they had held open roles for up to three months. Moreover, they explained that getting proper training and financial support in using technological tools for recruiting will help them source candidates and hire faster.

Suppose you need help to understand better the Indeed Small Business Hiring Fund and know how to apply. In that case, you may want to hire a business consultant virtual assistant, business operations analyst manager, and international business assistant.


How does the Indeed Small Business Hiring Fund Works?

The Indeed Small Business Hiring Fund gives companies in the United States up to $50 million in job credits to help them find great employees in 2022.

By earning this credit, small and midsize companies will be able to use all Indeed’s excellent tools to increase the visibility of their job posts and connect with qualified candidates faster.

Additionally, the recruiters of the companies that receive the credit will be able to carry out interviews through the Indeed platform. Thus, they will be able to schedule interviews with the candidates and call them.

If you want to know more about how Indeed can help your hiring initiatives, watch our recommended video.



Why Should You Have Funding from Indeed for Your Business in 2022?

Indeed is a superb platform to improve hiring in your company in 2022. Initially, this platform will allow you to access more than 2 million candidates to create a diverse talent pool that will definitely contribute to your company.

Since you can use Indeed from your desktop, tablet, or cellphone, this platform will perfectly fit your company’s transition toward a remote workforce.

Also, you can use Indeed to post interesting job announcements, create a company page, raise your brand, and effectively communicate your value proposition to employees from home.


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