Paul Forster & Indeed´s Hiring Strategies for Recruiters

Indeed is one of the best employment platforms. Whether you use it as a business owner or an HR specialist, you'll want to learn Indeed’s recruitment strategies.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 14, 2022

Indeed is one of the largest employment platforms in the world. Job seekers and recruiters have used this platform globally to meet their aspirations.

Essentially, Indeed offers many services, such as the ability to post job ads, track candidates and, eventually, create shortlisting candidates.

According to Paul Forster, Indeed is a tool that job seekers can use to find an excellent job. Indeed can be a fantastic technological resource for recruiters to get a diverse, inclusive, and talented pool.

This blog post will share the best hiring strategies in 2022 recommended by Forster and Indeed.

Recruitment Strategies Explained

Recruitment can be perceived as one of the most significant moments in a company. In Indeed, a recruitment strategy is defined as a specific plan to attract, recruit, and hire qualified employees for a business or organization. In addition, recruitment strategies can take numerous forms, depending on a given company’s HR goals and strategic growth planning.

Currently, recruitment strategies are essential to display transparency, communicate the merits of a candidate for gaining a position, assure consistency in HR management goals, gain credibility, and project clarity when communicating with future employees in 2022.

Hence, an excellent recruitment strategy requires branding improvement initiatives, employee referrals, data implementation, job boards, social media utilization, and applicant tracking systems.

In this video, you can learn 3 strategic ways to sequence recruiting tactics from Indeed Insights Strategist Matt Burney.


7 Best Hiring Strategies for Recruiters

We present to you the 5 best strategies for recruiters recommended by Forster and Indeed:

Treat candidates like customers: your candidate’s first impression of your company will be critical for your recruitment strategies. Therefore, Indeed recommends you treat your candidates like customers by being respectful with their time and hospitable. In addition, you may want to make yourself available for candidates.

Use social media and technology: social media platforms can work as recruiting tools. For instance, social recruiting allows you to share job posts and encourage conversation with people interested in working for your company. In addition, you may want to use social media to post videos from your organization and communicate your values, beliefs, and best practices.

Rely on an employee referral program: transform employee referral as a tactic for recruitment. An employee referral program can boost your hires. You can implement this kind of plan by promoting referrals with bonuses and contests and motivating the workforce to bring the best talent to your company in 2022.

Craft compelling job descriptions: you can write creative and accurate job descriptions by making titles specific, elaborating a captivating summary, incorporating essential information, and keeping descriptions concise.

Sponsor your job positions: Indeed will present you with numerous ways to sponsor your job positions and gain visibility. Paid listing will be your best resource when using Indeed for recruitment purposes.

Check resumes posted online: Indeed Resume will offer you access to numerous resumes that you can employ in your recruitment strategies. You can align your resume search according to job title, skills, and geographical area.

Consider past candidates: create a candidates database to get human talent for similar job positions. In addition, consider reviewing constantly past applications in search of new employees for your company.

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