The Ultimate Guide to 2022’s biggest Remote Work Influencers

Do you want to be inspired? Then have a look at this list of the top and most influential remote work influencers.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - August 16, 2022

Are you looking for some inspiration for your remote work career in 2022? Then, check out this list of the most prominent and most influential remote work influencers.

These are the people to watch if you want to stay ahead of the curve in the future of work. From CEOs to thought leaders, these professionals have a lot to teach us about making the most of our remote work lives.


Liam Martin — Co-Founder and CMO of Time Doctor

With the employee monitoring tool he co-created, Time Doctor, Liam Martin has unexpectedly altered the remote work culture. Thanks to his leadership, Time Doctor can be considered today as a useful time tracking software that allows any business owner to manage their remote employees.

In this video, you can learn more about the future of work by hearing Liam Martin. 


Darren Murph — Head of Remote of Git Lab

Murph was the first person globally to occupy the head of remote in a company and face the transition toward remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. His current work includes operations, marketing, talent branding, communication, and other areas. In addition, he’s famous for being an active voice in promoting remote work culture.

By watching this conversation with Liam Martin, you can learn more about managing remote work. 


Hailley Griffis — Head of Public Relations at Buffer

Griffis is the head of public relations at Buffer, where she’s constantly producing content regarding remote work. For instance, in her position, she blogs and hosts a podcast where she presents the “State of Remote Work” report.


Jason Fried — Founder and CEO of Basecamp

Fried is renowned for addressing the negative impacts of talking about politics in the workplace. For example, he is famous for publishing headlines that ban political discussions inside Basecamp.

Moreover, this interesting remote work speaker is a published author of several books, including REWORK, and host of the REWORK podcast.


Chris Herd — Founder and CEO of Firstbase

Chris Herd constantly uses Twitter to promote discussions about remote work. Heard has also helped organizations set up, manage, and retrieve remote workers’ physical equipment as the Founder and CEO of First base, an all-in-one provisioning platform.


Annie Dean — VP of Team Anywhere at Atlassian

Dean is a former corporate attorney specializing in real estate who transitions to a remote work position and the world of human resources management.

She’s the VP of Team Anywhere at Atlassian, where she’s been director of remote work. In addition, Dean is renowned for her advocacy for inclusion and diversity and for founding Werk, a platform of flexible work opportunities for ambitious women.


Shannon Hardy — VP of Flex Work at LinkedIn

Hardy has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCSC and has solid experience in talent acquisition and human resources management. If you want to learn more about how LinkedIn manages flexibility in the workplace, you will want to hear Hardy.


Natally Kelly — VP of Localization at HubSpot

Natally Kelly is an expert in B2B marketing, international operations, and globalization. Additionally, she’s the author of A Lifelong Language Nerd, published by Penguin Randon House. If you want to hear about her exciting positions concerning remote work, visit her Linkedin Profile here.


Laurel Farrer — Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting and Founder of Remote Work Association

Laurel Farrel is the CEO and Founder of Distribute, a virtual consulting firm focused on organizational development. She is one of the most influential experts in remote work globally.


Jeanne Meister — Founding Partner of Future Workplace

Future Workplace Academy was founded by Jeanne Meister, who led this company to become one of the most important HR advisory and research firms. She merges research and consulting in her career and is an author of several articles about the future of work, automation, and the utilization of AI for HR management.


Rose Barret — Co-founder of Grow Remote

Grow Remote is an Irland-based organization that promotes remote work as a tool for community development. Barret is recognized for their leadership within this organization and for creating helpful content about remote work.


Ciara Garvan — Founder of WorkJuggle

Ciara Garvan always intends to connect with professionals interested in flexible, contract, and remote working schemas. She usually helps Internet users with honest advice, insights, and ideas about women in technology and STEM.


Monica Parker— Founder of Hatch Analytics

Monica Parker has an interesting perspective on remote work and the future of employment. She’s also spoken out about how phrases like “the new normal” and “going back to work” might be harmful.


Vanessa Tierney— Co-founder of Abodoo

Tierney has an interesting professional experience in remote work. Tierney now directs people to her Wexford headquarters, where she can assist them with remote and flexible employment. She also discusses career prospects and trends with her followers on social media.


Sheree Atcheson— Head of diversity and inclusion at Monzo

Atcheson is active on Twitter. On this platform, she speaks about her experiences in remote workplaces and also undertakes her role as a global ambassador for Women Who Code. 

Moreover, Sheree Atcheson is a multi-awarded speaker and published author on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the remote workplace. We recommend you read her book, Demanding More, which teaches readers about how people can be deliberately inclusive.

In this video, you can learn more about diversity and underrepresentation in the workplace. 

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