Hire Top Engineering remote Talent in Mexico

at a fraction of the cost of US equivalents.

Imagine being able to find talent twice as fast and afford to hire highly qualified engineers for a long tenure with similar skills and experience to American professionals. Our outsourcing staffing solutions have already helped many businesses to achieve their goals and grow their bottom line.


Find and hire top talent

Are you tired of the endless search for top engineering talent?


What is nearshore outsourcing staffing and how does it work?



End-to-end recruitment solution (free of charge).


Affordable outsourced employees managed by you with up to 45% less payroll costs than US equivalents.

At Remoto Workforce, we understand the challenges of finding the right engineers for your business. That’s why nearshoring in Mexico is a smart move for US companies. The talent we provide is highly qualified for any required engineering position. Is fluent in English, and there is No time zone issues; we’re neighbors!

2. Our recruiting team will setup a 10 minutes meeting with you to highlight the main things you’d like to see in the candidates. Staffing placements are generally made within 2-3 weeks.

3. The candidates you choose to hire will be on our payroll with flexibility to scale staffing up and down as the market changes.

Are you prepared for the challenges coming in 2023


Hire Top Engineering talent 2x fast - Remoto Workforce

US ECONOMY – 2023 will bring higher costs, rising prices, and tighter profit margins on small and mid-sized businesses.

Expenses are always piling up and a cash flow solution is needed.

Employers face a multitude of work-related risks.

Don’t put your company at legal and financial risk because of making bad hiring decisions.

Why Mexico is the Best Choice for Outsourced Engineering Talent

Today, it is easier for US companies to recruit people outside the country and given the current shortage of workers, Mexico is a labor market with people who have great potential.

Mexico produces 130,000 engineers and technicians annually.


There has been a boom in higher education with highly qualified, English-dominant professionals.


The cost-effective employees are up to 45% lower in payroll costs than US equivalents.


Mexican engineers are affordable talent with similar skills and experience to American professionals.

Our Clients’ Success Stories

INDUSTRY: Chemical, hydrogen and renewable fuel company.

One of our clients needed to hire an engineer to work on a project about tail gas treating unit design and we find and provide a mechanical Engineer with +7 years of experience in pipe stress analysis .

They ended up hiring 5 more engineers full-time!

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Hiring people that are working remotely actually helped us to get better talent as opposed to where we used to do meaning limiting ourselves to Southern California. Our minds are opening up. I am more into finding the right talent and finding people who do great work. Plus, the time zones of Mexico it perfect for the US in comparison of working with someone in the Philippines or India. 

Pete Bohenek I California, US.

What job roles are usually outsourced in engineering?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the remote employees you provide full-time and dedicated to our project?

By outsourcing your staff through Remote Workforce, you’ll get full-time employees who are always accessible during the workday, responsive, dedicated only to your company, and most importantly, self-motivated and focused on work. They are only paid for actual work time.

We, as the Employer of Record (EOR), are responsible for providing the proper onboarding and all necessary resources to perform their duties. This frees your staff from the hassle of going through the employee billing, records and payment process.


How does hiring from Mexico compare in terms of cost-effectiveness to the US or other countries?

Outsourcing staffing brings cost-cutting, speeds up processes and helps companies focus on their core business. By expanding your workforce from local to cross-border talent, you can get immediate payroll cost savings up to 70% and reduce your total cost per hire by 47%

Let’s say you’re looking to hire a: Digital Project Manager in the US mid-round salary on *Glassdoor1 – $73,712.00 plus benefits and indirect costs, you will get the real cost of hiring about: $97,325.10 

Cost Savings when doing business with Remoto for this position: 55% less.

The cost comparison with offshoring to the Philippines or India is almost the same, but the quality of work, time zone issues, and different cultural background will make you think twice about looking for a partner abroad.

What is the process for getting started with your service?

A proper job description of the ltalent you’re looking to hire is the first step in helping our expert recruiters outline the ideal attributes for any given open position. 

Also our recruiting team can setup a 10 minutes meeting with you to highlight the main things you’d like to see in the candidates. Do you feel like doing it now? Get a Free 30-minute consultation

We will assign you a Remoto customer service representative during the length of the hire. If there are any questions or concerns you would like to share with us, you can contact your designated Remoto CSR and they will assist you. 

Are remote employees more complicated to manage than on-site employees?

We understand that managing remote teams can be a challenge. That’s why our solution includes a dedicated team of HR remote experts to ensure smooth and efficient communication and collaboration.

On the other hand embracing technology will help you to monitor employee’ productivity in a better way. Digitalized customer-facing operations and digitalized business operations.

Just think, when it comes to making a profit, technology disruption is a major opportunity.

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