US Outsourcing Outlook 2023: Mexico Has a Large Workforce of Skilled Workers and Engineers

Mexico promises to be a fantastic destination for US businesses intending to fill job positions amid a great crisis. Learn how you can benefit from nearshoring to Mexico!
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - January 9, 2023

As the U.S. continues to struggle with a widening labor gap, many companies are turning to nearshoring to Mexico as a solution. Today, Mexico is an optimal destination for US companies looking to fill critical positions quickly and cost-effectively.

With a booming workforce made up of skilled labor and engineers, low labor costs, access to highly trained professionals, proximity to the US, and cultural affinity across borders, Mexico presents a unique opportunity for businesses looking for flexibility and scalability in their overseas operations. 

Learn how nearshoring to Mexico can be beneficial amid the crisis and how you can benefit your workforce from it.

Virtual Workers of America: Can Mexican Workers Integrate this Force?

The US transition toward a remote workforce has deepened since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a McKinsey Institute article, the entire American society had plunged into a working-from-home model, recognizing that flexible work is “an enduring feature of the modern working world.”

Recent surveys of employed individuals developed by McKinsey Institute have found that a majority of Americans, 58%, have the option to work from home at least one day per week, with 35% of them having the opportunity to do so on a full-time basis. 

Furthermore, when given a chance to participate in flexible working arrangements, 87% of workers choose to take advantage of this option. It has also been observed that men are more likely than women to be offered the possibility of remote-working opportunities, at 61% and 52%, respectively. 

Despite the current climate of economic uncertainty and the possibility of a labor crisis in the United States, some suggest that remote American workers could help to contribute to the economy and labor force. This has been the major theme of individuals and organizations under the heading of “Virtual Workers of America.” 

However, this idea should be considered further and more broadly in light of our increasingly globalized world and its extensive cultural interconnectivity. 

The potential benefits of bringing remote workers from other countries into the U.S. workforce should not be overlooked; these individuals can bring unique perspectives, knowledge, and skills that will undoubtedly propel the growth of our economy. 

With such vast cultural diversity already present in America — featuring people from various backgrounds across Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa —  allowing remote workers from different countries to become part of the US workforce is a tangible way of enriching existing diverse perspectives while also providing job opportunities at home and abroad. 

Such an initiative would not only benefit those who are hired remotely but could also spur economic growth within their home countries and increase mobility between nations.


Leveraging Nearshoring to Mexico for Business Advantages 

The advantages of nearshoring to Mexico are many, and the cost savings, accessibility, quality of talent, and flexibility of resources make it an attractive option for companies looking to leverage this model.

For example, if you need to undertake any form of human resources outsourcing, Mexico is the epitome of this kind of service. Additionally, you can hire remote workers to assist you in managerial positions. In this situation, Remoto Workforce can help you have an outsourced executive assistant for your business in the US.

Nearshoring provides businesses with closer proximity to their team, which can lead to better communication and faster decision-making. Even if you need something similar to operations outsourcing, which demands effective communication in order to develop projects promptly, you can do it with Mexican outsourced personnel.

Now, let’s take a look at the four key benefits of nearshoring operations to Mexico

Cost Savings 

Cost savings is one of the primary reasons companies choose to nearshore operations. You can significantly reduce costs by leveraging local resources in Mexico versus offshore solutions. If you need to outsource data management, you can hire remote engineers or virtual assistants to support you.

With access to talented and experienced professionals at lower rates than in other regions, you can save significantly on wages while maintaining a high-quality level in your product or service offerings. 


Nearshoring to Mexico also allows you to build relationships with teams who share similar cultures and languages. This allows for better communication via sync or async means and more efficient decision-making since there is no language barrier between team members.

Additionally, closer proximity to your team means that quick turnaround times are easier than ever before—you can easily shift your workload when needed without waiting days for results from offshore teams. 

Quality of Talent 

Mexico has abundant highly educated professionals across different fields, such as technology, engineering, design, manufacturing, and more. This gives businesses access to highly qualified personnel at competitive rates compared to other regions worldwide.

Additionally, Mexico has a strong infrastructure, making it easy for businesses operating there to access the best hardware or software they need quickly and efficiently. For instance, Mexico can provide you with excellent professionals when it comes to outsourced engineering services.


Lastly, leveraging nearshore operations in Mexico also gives companies flexibility regarding working hours due to its strategic location in different time zones across North America and Latin America.

This means that you can shift your workload during peak hours or when urgent matters arise without worrying about losing momentum due to time zone differences compared to offshore solutions located further away from you geographically. 

Do you want to learn more about outsourcing and nearshoring in just minutes? Watch this video.


Why Hire Remote Employees in Mexico: Learn the Facts

As the US suffers from a shortfall of available workers, Mexico presents an optimal solution to fulfill companies’ labor demands through remote work. This shift towards virtual employment may just remedy this dire economic predicament. As a result, Mexican employees can be an essential part of the Virtual Workers of America movement.

Nonetheless, hiring remote workers in Mexico is difficult, although it presupposes numerous benefits. Here, we provide you with three powerful reasons, loaded with facts, that will lead you to outsource your recruiting in this fantastic country.

Cultural Affinity 

When you hire Mexican virtual workers, you gain access to a highly educated and experienced workforce with a strong cultural affinity to the US and North America. This means they understand American companies’ values, norms, and culture better than employees in offshore countries like the Philippines, India, or Pakistan.

Mexican employees have an easier time communicating with and understanding North American culture. This makes it more likely that they will be aware of social issues relevant to your company’s operations. Taking part in an inclusive work environment is important for them as well. 

Both inside and outside the US, and despite stereotypes, Mexican workers are highly appreciated, according to Frans J. Schreyer’s research. This is due to their skills, hard work, education, and language ability. 

As a result of their cultural and educational background, Mexican workers can contribute to production in several industries, including engineering and manufacturing. In terms of equity, you can decide to support Mexican women by delegating their leadership roles since they’re highly-qualified workers as well.

Same Time Zone 

Another benefit of hiring Mexican virtual workers is that a work day is in the same time zone as many US-based companies. This eliminates potential communication barriers due to time differences and allows for more efficient collaboration between teams in different parts of the world.

Working with someone with similar work hours also makes it easier for managers to lead their team since there won’t be any lag time when communicating with each other or resolving issues quickly.  

In this blog post, you can learn how sharing the same time zone can be an unexpected value of outsourcing Mexican remote workers for your company in the US.

Highly Americanized Work Culture 

Finally, Mexico is highly Americanized in terms of its work culture, which means that its remote employees understand how businesses operate in North America better than those from other countries do.

Despite significant cultural differences, Mexican employees will fit into existing workflows without adjusting too much on either side.



Hiring remote workers in Mexico can be a great solution for businesses that are looking to fill labor demands quickly and efficiently. Not only do Mexican employees have a strong cultural affinity to the US, but they also share the same time zone, which makes communication easier between teams.

Additionally, their work culture is highly Americanized, making it easier for them to fit into existing processes without too much adjustment needed from either side. All of these factors make Mexico an optimal choice when considering outsourcing or nearshoring your recruitment process.

With so many benefits, why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity?


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