Top 10 “Highly Offshorable” Outsourcing Functions / Roles

Learn which roles and functions can be offshorable and the benefits of outsourcing a remote workforce for your business today.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - October 18, 2022

As businesses strive to become leaner and more efficient, the practice of outsourcing certain functions and roles within the company is becoming increasingly popular.

And while there are many areas of business that can be outsourced, today we’re going to focus on what we call “highly offshorable” functions and roles —those that can be easily transitioned to nearshore or offshore location without much impact on the overall quality or productivity of the business.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 10 “high offshorable” outsourcing roles and functions.


Data Entry Virtual Assistant

A data entry virtual assistant is responsible for extracting and processing data from various sources, including websites or apps. In addition, data entry virtual assistants are responsible for entering data into a company’s computer system.

This can include anything from customer information to product descriptions. Moreover, data entry virtual assistants are responsible for ensuring the quality of information and communicating product visions according to clients’ needs.


Manager Virtual Assistant

A manager virtual assistant‘s primary responsibility is giving administrative support to executives and CEOs.They help with communication by organizing emails and phone calls, as well as HR duties like contacting candidates and helping recruiters.

This role position is essential for keeping the lines of communication open and running smoothly within a company, ensuring business operations are facilitated.


Customer Service Assistant

Customer service assistants are in charge of assisting and resolving problems with clients to ensure that they are satisfied. This may involve responding to inquiries via email, chat, or phone and managing and tracking customer requests.

In addition, customer service assistants must also be able to communicate effectively with customers and provide solutions that meet their needs. Simultaneously, these assistants can present reports and gather information about clients to create better products and services.


Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining company websites. In addition, they can produce and edit the website content to ensure it functions properly. They must also be able to keep up with changes in web design trends and technologies to create modern and user-friendly websites.

Furthermore, web developers often work with other team members to create a cohesive website design. For instance, they can work with product designers to create amazing sites for any customer.

We recommend you watch this video if you want to learn more about what web developers can do for your company. 



Product Designer

Product designers elaborate on products that meet the needs of consumers. To do this, they must first understand what consumers want and need. Then, they must create prototypes or models of products and test them with potential customers to get feedback.

After that, they work with engineers and other team members, like web developers, to bring the product to the online market. They may also be responsible for branding and marketing the product.

Overall, product designers are responsible for the entire product development process, from conception to release. They must have a good understanding of both consumer needs and design trends to create products that are not only effective but also visually appealing.


Research Assistant

Research assistants play a critical role in companies by helping to gather data and information for use in product development, marketing, and other business operations. They work with managers and other team members to identify and obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

In addition, research assistants often design interviews and questionnaires and analyze data collected from surveys and focus groups. They then compile their findings into reports that managers can use to make informed business decisions.


Accounting Technician

Accounting technicians are responsible for handling a company’s financial and accounting operations. They maintain financial records, process payments, and prepare tax reports. In addition, they may also be in charge of invoicing and billing customers.

If you’re planning to hire accounting technicians, it would be significant to consider their oral and written language skills, sense of responsibility, and expertise in economics or finance.


Blog Writer

Website content writers and editors are commonly known as blog writers. They often work with other team members to create consistent content for websites.  For instance, they can collaborate with SEO experts and marketing managers to write content that ranks perfectly in search engines like Google.


Content Creator

Content creators generate material to be used in an organization’s marketing and sales departments.

They work with other team members, such as web developers, product designers, and SEO experts, to design and create content for social media that also ranks on Google. In addition, these creators engage customers through persuasive tactics and monitor social media metrics to produce viral content.


Payroll Specialist

Payroll specialists handle an organization’s payroll operations. This includes maintaining employee records, processing payments, and preparing tax reports. They may also be in charge of invoicing and billing customers.

To succeed in this role, payroll specialists must have strong oral and written language skills and expertise in economics or finance. Additionally, they must be able to handle confidential information responsibly.


Why Do You Need to Consider Outsourcing These Job Positions?

More and more companies are outsourcing their work to nearshore and offshore locations. There are several reasons for this trend. First, nearshoring and outsourcing can help to reduce labor costs.

Second, nearshoring and outsourcing can help to improve work-life balance for employees. And third, nearshoring and outsourcing can enhance company productivity and efficiency.


Bottom Line

Offshoring certain job positions can greatly save your company money and improve efficiency and productivity. However, carefully considering which positions are best for offshore outsourcing is important.

The ten job positions we’ve listed here are some of the most commonly outsourced roles due to their high potential for offshoring. If you’re thinking about outsourcing any of these positions in your company, contact Remoto Workforce today for more information on how we can help.


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