10 Remote Jobs Hiring Now in the U.S. and Canada

If you’re on the path to building full outsourcing remote recruitment at a given company, we recommend reading on.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - February 18, 2022

Over the last decade, the Canadian and US labor market has seen an opening towards remote work. If you’re on the path to building full outsourcing remote recruitment at a given company, we recommend reading on. 

At Remoto Workforce, we put at your disposal a list of the most requested remote jobs in the United States and Canada.  


Freelance remote writer  

Freelance remote writers are required in companies to do different tasks daily. For example, some writers are needed to develop articles for corporate blogs, while others are called for their content creation skills for social media. Let’s assume that candidates have experience writing in English, French, or Spanish and training in proofreading and editing. In that case, they will be a good fit for freelance remote writing jobs in Canada and the United States. 


Telesales remote associate  

In companies, telesales associates support customer growth goals. Their duties include designing sales strategies, responding to customer needs, promoting products and services, and writing reports. This position can be filled by punctual, empathetic and ambitious people who know agile approaches to remote work. 


Remote SEO Manager 

If your candidate has proven knowledge of advertising and copywriting and SEO and internet research training, an SEO manager position will work. In this job, the SEO manager should complete SEO analysis, develop research on keywords and SERPs, and create strategies for positioning content in Google 


Remote Security Software Engineer 

Companies often require remote security software engineers to safeguard users’ data. If you have a degree in information technologies and practice agile approaches to remote jobs, this position will be great for you in both America and the United States.  


Remote Business Analyst 

Remote business analysts are usually hired to define business strategies and analyze data. The business analyst position is appropriate for the job candidates you have in mind if they have a business or finance degree or experience in product design, sales, and information technologies. Training in agile approaches to remote work is also desirable. 


Financial Analyst  

The financial analyst is a person will have to support financial reporting and research in any company and unfold strategies to create partnerships in this role. The candidate for this position must have proven knowledge of financial planning, model analysis, and communicational skills, mainly in English and French.  


Remote Field Marketing Manager  

A remote field marketing manger must demonstrate 3-5 years of relevant experience supporting field sales and partner organizations. In addition, they must carry out particular tasks, such as supplier management, cross-functional work, project management skills, and budget planning.  


Social Media Manager 

The social media manager should have experience and training in managing corporate social media accounts and evaluating the results derived from social media strategies. Advanced English, French or Spanish is required for this position. 


Social Media Strategist 

To apply for this remote job position, a candidate requires a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or marketing and has in-depth knowledge of social media advertising via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, the candidate for remote social media strategist jobs must demonstrate excellent communication skills. 


Virtual assistant  

Virtual assistants have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, excellent communication skills, strong negotiating and sales skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office. Its mission is to offer remote assistance and communicate with customers through virtual means.


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