A Guide to Gender Gap and its Effect on Working Life

The gender gap negatively impacts women's performance in workplaces. In this guide, you can learn how gender inequalities operate and what to do to eradicate them for good.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 15, 2022

Today, the gender gap manifests itself in multiple organizations, businesses, and workplaces.

In general terms, this concept refers to the differences between men and women and how these prevent or enable them to perform tasks in directive positions in companies.

Undoubtedly, the gender gap dramatically affects women, who have lower salaries and difficulties holding positions of power and leadership in business.

Remoto Workforce shares this guide for understanding what the gender gap is and its effects on your outsourced remote employees.


What is Gender Gap?

The gender gap can be understood as a difference in opinions, attitudes and beliefs about men and women that includes a variety of personal and public issues.

This difference affects the participation of women in positions of power within businesses and organizations since it is based on sexist ideologies, prejudices and forms of discrimination rooted in culture.

The gender gap negatively impacts business and female workers daily. So, in this Vox video, you will learn more about what people are missing due to gender inequalities.


How Gender Gap Manifest in Working Life?

According to Slava Polonski, the state of gender parity in businesses and modern workplaces is alarming.

Although some progress has been made concerning women’s discrimination and harassment in organizations, other areas require attention, such as women’s career development.

From her point of view, the prevalence of gender gap in business is due to how businesspeople justify women’s exclusion.

Businesses remain stifled by entrenched leadership groups that claim these ostensible gender inequalities are related to issues of choice, not selection. According to them, the lack of female talent in management team stems from “different choices” that women tend to make through their careers“, affirms Polonski.

Through this argumentative tactic, gender-related discrimination issues disappear from the business scene.

The gender gap not only tends to manifest in lower salaries for women and their difficulties in accessing positions of power within businesses but also in gender-based and sexual violence.

For instance, harassment is a tactic to keep women out of the game and marginalize them from leadership and decision-making in companies.


How Can You Eradicate Gender Gap for Good?

For erasing the gender gap in your company, it would be helpful to understand the core values of your company’s culture. Also, you may want to know what beliefs your remote employees have about gender and women in workplaces to change stereotypes.

Then, you can work on creating a diverse, inclusive workforce that contemplates gender identities and cultural backgrounds sustained on race, ethnicity, migration, nationality, disability, and religion.

When you create a diverse remote workforce, you will notice increased productivity and motivation.

Likewise, your business will benefit from numerous perspectives or approaches to particular issues of your market niche.

By doing this, you can include diverse women among your remote employees in directive positions as process engineer managers, construction project managers, and supply dispatcher managers. 



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