Is your business prepared against an Inflation Payroll Increase?

This year, inflation and the current thriving economy is affecting the financial capabilities of small businesses.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - March 24, 2022

Inflation is always a constant concern for all business owners, human resources administrators, and payroll managers in North America.  

This year, inflation and the current roaring economy erode small businesses’ financial capabilities and incentive product shortage. It causes a raise price and increasing request of loans and assuming debts.  

This year, inflation and the current thriving economy is affecting the financial capabilities of small businesses. It causes a rise in prices and an increase in loan applications and debt assumption. 

Economies worldwide need to anticipate post-pandemic inflation, which possibly will result in risks for supply chains, generating overdependence.  

In current circumstances, you may want to know how to be prepared to face an inflation payroll increase that will affect your business operations.  

This blog post will provide you with essential information on how inflation affects your business and how best to manage and target labor market efficiency, productivity and vulnerability to help you navigate these complexities in 2022. 


How Does Inflation Impacts Small Business? 


Inflation comprehends the progressive increase of prices of goods and services in each economy.  

Usually, currency increases when prices rise, making it difficult to purchase anything. Consequently, the increase in inflation leads to a detriment in customer-buying power, negatively affecting small businesses.  

Shailesh Dixit argues that there are two ways in which small businesses can be impacted by inflation:  

  • The costs of credits  
  • Indirect effects of bank credit shocks 


In addition, inflation pushes up prices and people demand increase in salary payments 

In this video, CGTNC America explains how the historic inflation in North America is increasing prices in highly created products, such as art, clothes, beauty products, and hand-made jewelry. 



Inflation negatively influences the regular operation of these market niches in Washington DC, resulting in clients’ loss of confidence in businesses.  


Evaluate Your Labor Market Vulnerability  


One of the most critical strategies to face inflation payroll increases is to assess labor-market vulnerability.  

The World Bank and the International Labor Market suggest analyzing labor-market vulnerabilities based on essential elements, such as labor statistics at a federal and state level. For this, household surveys, establishment surveys and administrative records can be considered.  

Also, you can consider existing labor policies and civil societies initiatives for increasing minimum wages in particular circumstances.  


For evaluating labor market vulnerabilities affecting small businesses and your company, you want to hire specialized remote personnel in 2022. For instance, you want to hire a business operations analyst manager or a finance advisor analyst 


Focus on efficiency and productivity 


Another essential strategy to face inflation payroll increases is focusing on your business’s efficiency and productivity levels in 2022.  

Dan Brioli recommends taking advantage of some easy tips to get results in productivity and efficiency. Drawing attention to Cal Newport’s best-seller Deep Work, Briolli recommends introducing a deep focus on human resources policies and workers’ daily operations. 

For example, HR specialists in your company can delineate parameters to schedule a time for deep work for outsourced workers. In addition, these specialists can adopt measures to get rid of unnecessary distractions that can affect levels of productivity and efficiency. Also, it is highly desirable to implement a deep work strategy with all distance workers.  



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