How Small Businesses compete with larger business for Talent

Small companies can compete on equal terms with corporations if they apply three principles: flexibility, employee value propositions and digital initiatives.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - March 28, 2022

People tend to believe significant differences between large and small businesses strictly.  

For example, a common belief is that large companies outperform small businesses in competitiveness, prices, and skilled-human talent. However, sometimes this belief proves to be wrong.  

Small companies can compete on equal terms with giant corporations if they apply three principles: flexibility and remote work, employee value propositions, and transition to digital labor environments.  


This blog post tells you how to deploy these strategies in your business in 2022. 



Offer Flexibility and Remote Work 


Small businesses can effectively compete with large corporations if they apply flexibility to their organizational structure and commit to distance working 

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to send their employees home to work remotely. Since then, the transition to digital labor environments has become even more consolidated. 

Samantha McLaren insist that the flexibility that remote work brings to organizations creates clear communication channels to keep remote workers more informed and accountable for their assignments.  

In addition, through the flexibility that remote work provides, support networks are built to prevent employees from feeling isolated; this increases productivity and improves internal socialization within companies.  

Moreover, remote work brings flexibility to small businesses and generates fairer and more diverse work environments. In contrast with large corporations, which deal with rigidities in their organizational structure, having a diverse, remote, and integrated workforce can lead your business to success in 2022, no matter its size. 


Develop an Employee Value Proposition  


An employee value proposition, also known as an ‘employer value proposition,’ aims to delineate the primary benefits of recruiting and hiring certain workers. In other words, you will want to explain to employees why working with you positively impact their lives.  

The McQuaig Institute asserts that having an employee value proposition is critical in any strong managing program. For elaborating more into your employee value proposition in 2022, you may want to consider the following elements:   

  • Propose compensation above the market.  
  • Work-life balance.  
  • Stability.  
  • Respect. 
  • Flexibility in locations.  


In this video, you will learn more about how to create a powerful employer value proposition in 2022. Daneal Charney shares essential tips to make this value proposition, including describing the unique benefits of working with you, providing competitive differentiation, and applying storytelling techniques to sell your brand to potential candidates for job positions.  




Go digital

If your business develops a digital transition, you will strongly compete with large companies.  

For doing this, you may want to create a fully remote workforce in 2022. An outsourced recruitment process will help you improve the qualities of candidates applying for job positions by incorporating strategic talent management.  

Through careful workforce planning and hiring remote employees’ initiatives, you will find the right candidate for critical functions in 2022, such as human resources directors, administrators, generalists, and technical support specialists 

Also, by going digital, you will take advantage of all benefits that outsourcing will provide you in 2022 —reducing costs, efficiency, growth, and adaptability to changes in the economy.  



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