How to Make the Most of Email Outreach for Recruiting

Find out how to use email outreach effectively for recruiting and learn about the best strategies, tactics, tools, and templates.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - October 10, 2022

Reaching out to potential hires via email is an excellent way to expand your talent pool.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your email outreach strategy for recruiting the best talent across borders.


#1. Set Sharp Goals for Your Recruiting Email Outreach Strategy

When it comes to undertaking an email outreach strategy for recruiting, clarity is critical. Defining your goals from the beginning will help you create a more targeted and effective strategy for your business.

For instance, are you looking to recruit new talent? Also, do you want to communicate your brand or increase your employer’s brand awareness? Likewise, are you considering email to drive traffic to your website when communicating with potential candidates?


#2. Plan Your Content and Design Your Emails

Recruitment begins with clear communication. To recruit the best candidates in the job market, it’s essential to have a plan for your content and design your email in a way that will attract the candidates’ attention.

For instance, the subject line is the first thing potential candidates will see. Therefore, it’s important to clarify what the email is about. In this case, you can consider this subject line structure that never fails: “Recruiting to [job position name] at [name of the company.”

In the body email, you will want to include information regarding the company values and culture and the job position you want to announce.

If you want to learn more about how to address company culture and values, we suggest you watch this video.



Lastly, include a call to action, like “apply now” or “learn more.”


#3. Build a List of Targeted Recipients

Sometimes, recruiting can be a laborious process. There are a lot of qualified candidates in the job market, but finding the right one for your company can be difficult. However, one way to make the process easier is to build a solid email outreach strategy that relies on a helpful list of targeted candidates.

You can build this list by identifying the qualities you are looking for in a candidate and then finding individuals who fit that description. To give you an example, if you are looking for a candidate with experience in the hospitality industry, you might target individuals who have worked in hotels or restaurants, like a general restaurant manager or a barista.

When you build a list of targeted recipients, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy during the recruiting process.


#4. Craft Personalized Messages for Your Candidates

When you take the time to craft personalized messages for your candidates, you make the recruiting process more effective and efficient. Additionally, you demonstrate that you have considered your candidates’ unique qualifications and skills, reinforcing your recruitment marketing strategies and employer’s brand.

Moreover, personalized emails reflect how important it is to consider engagement with your candidates. Therefore, they’ll appreciate your extra effort in crafting personalized messages. By doing this, you will enhance your chances of finding the best possible match for your open job position.


#5. Follow Up With Interested Candidates

Staying in touch with interested candidates is important even after the initial outreach. After all, the candidate you’re interested in today may not be available when an open position arises. A simple follow-up email can help keep you top of mind and build a relationship for the future.

When following up, Elise Dopson explains that keeping your email short and sweet is important. Your candidates will always know you are busy and appreciate the quick update.

Also, thank the candidate for their interest and express your hope to stay in touch. You can also mention any new developments in the company or new openings that might be a good fit.

Finally, invite the candidate to reach out if they have any questions or if there’s anything you can do to support their job search. A little effort now can go a long way down the road.


#6. Analyze and Optimize Your Email Outreach Results

In order to be successful, it is important to analyze your results and optimize your process. For example, you may want to include some metrics that allow you to understand how successful your recruiting email outreach strategy is.

Lindsay Kollowich Cox recommends some metrics and KPIs that work for email marketing campaigns. You can include specific metrics, like clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, list growth rate, and email sharing and forwarding rate, in your recruiting email outreach strategy to monitor your progress and change your goals.


Templates Ideas for Recruiting the Best Candidates in the Global Job Market

Here are three templates to help you recruit the best candidates globally in a breeze.

Template 1.

Subject: We’re hiring!

Hi, [introduce candidate’s name]

I’m [introduce your name and job title] at [company name]

I came across your resume on Indeed, and it looks like you would be a great fit for our company! We are looking for a web developer virtual assistant.

[Include information about your company, emphasizing values and corporate culture]

We are excited to offer you this job position and believe you will excel in this role! If you’re interested in working with us, please let me know, and I’ll send over more information.

Learn more here [add a link to create a job application].


[Introduce your name]


Template 2

Subject: Join the (Company Name) team as a content writer!

Hello there!

I’m [introduce your name]. I currently work [your job title] at [your company’s name].

I’m reaching out because we have a job opening for a content writer. If you want to have an exciting remote job and travel,  working with us might be the perfect solution for you!

[Describe your company and its values. Also, include information about the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications required for this job position]

I would love to talk with you and discover if this job position is a good fit for you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Apply now!


[Introduce your name]


Template 3

Subject: Wanted! Marketing Manager with 4 years of experience

Hi [your candidate’s name]

You’re looking for a job as a marketing manager. We can help you!

[Include information about your company, emphasizing values and corporative culture]

This sounds like something you might be interested in. Our process is simple. You apply to our job openings online, and if we think you would be a good fit for the position, we will contact you for an interview. If everything goes well, we will start paying you immediately!

Learn more here [add a link to create a job application].


[Introduce your name]


Bottom line

Email outreach is a powerful tool for finding remote workers, but it’s essential to set your goals and carefully plan your content and design. Building a list of targeted recipients and crafting personalized messages will help you get the most out of your efforts.

Then, follow up with interested candidates and analyze and optimize your results to ensure you’re getting the most out of email outreach as a recruitment strategy.

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