How to protect your finances by reducing Payroll and People Ops

Partnering with an Outsourcing Company can help your business to consistently reduce payroll costs and people ops.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - March 4, 2022

Business owners and human resources specialists often make significant efforts to reduce costs derived from managing a payroll system and personnel operations.  

Generally, this can be achieved through a few strategies. For example, Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Healthcare tax credits, section 179 expensing and bonus depreciation. Although ultimately this implies internal expert management in payroll management and compliance. 

When it comes to People Ops, Human resources departments create special initiatives to minimize rotation, invest in training, reduce the working day or move from traditional work to remote work. 

In Remoto Workforce, we explain how Partnering with an Outsourcing company and switch to Long-Term Remote Work can help your business to consistently reduce payroll costs and people ops.  


Stay Focused on Your Business 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses had to test their ability to stay sharp and creative in times of crisis. That global pandemic situation revealed a specific new challenge: maintain the profits and sustain operations in an economy full of uncertainties. 

But in the most challenging times of the pandemic-hit US economy, proficient staff management and remotely monitored operating costs are shown to be the best way to reduce payroll and operations costs. 


Eric Sangerma explains that remote work is here to stay since has evolved as an innovative strategy for reducing costs and optimizing administrative tasks. Not to mention that most of the administrative processes in a company can be done from home. 

In addition, when Outsource Remote Workers, expenses related to salaries and bonuses, face-to-face training, office building rental, and equipment purchase are significantly decreased.  

But most important, to outsourced an entirely remote workforce, you must focus on your business current situation, and develop an effective outsourcing strategy to keep full control of team’s processes, tasks, KPIs and service quality. 



Switch to Long-Term Remote Work 

The transition to remote work in any company requires an extensive and detailed plan that includes a proper Candidate Profiling and a Remote Recruiting Strategy, so you can not only save time, but also improve the quality of your Hiring Process.  


Additionally, we list some of the best tactics for you switch to long-term Remote Work: 

  • Lead with empathy: to develop effective leadership, you must dialogue with remote workers by asking them how they feel working from home. 
  • Commit and make remote work personal: work from home to better understand how an employee feels daily. 
  • Establish procedures: to develop the transition to remote work, you must establish employee FAQs and procedures to guide your workforce. 
  • Develop an effective Onboarding to keep your employees together: organizational socialization is vital because remote workers’ isolation is challenging. 


For this you need a business information management analyst to properly document the transition to long-term remote work in your company.  


Hire the Right Remote Talent 

If you want to succeed in the transition of your company to an outsourced remote force and saving costs on payrolls and people ops, it is important that you hire your employees correctly.  

To achieve this, it is important that you consider particular skills in your potential candidates. For example, the most skilled remote employees have excellent time management, communication, and self-awareness skills.  

In addition, they are people who know how to balance professional and personal life to offer the best to the company during their work. 


In this video, Liam Martin, a member of Running Remote provide advice on how to hire remote employees attending to five qualities. If you want to learn further about hiring remote workers, you can learn more on Quora.   





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