How to Working Smarter, Leading Better, and Getting Ahead

Learn how to make the most of online learning and reading for working smarter, leading better, getting ahead, and standing out from the crowd.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - October 18, 2022

Working smarter is essential in today’s competitive business world because it allows you to get ahead and stand out from the competition. Thankfully for business owners, HR executives, and recruiters, there are many ways to do just that.

For instance, you can use technology to improve your workflow in order to foster excellent communication and collaboration with your remote employees. In addition, you can lead diverse and inclusive workplace cultures and promote career development opportunities by incentivizing online learning and reading.

So, let’s look closely at how you can work smarter, lead better, and make your company get ahead.

Use Technology to Improve Your Workflow

Working smarter doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can implement many simple things daily to increase your business‘ productivity and efficiency. And when you’re more productive, you have more time to focus on the bigger picture, create strategic initiatives to grow your business, and develop your leadership style.

Here are five technological tools that will help you improve your workflow, forge collaboration bonds, and manage remote teams.

  • Communication tools: Video conferencing and messaging apps can help you keep in touch with your team and collaborate more effectively.
  • Project management tools: Software like Asana, Trello, and Monday can help you organize your tasks and track progress. In addition, these solutions can help you manage your remote team and develop a project leadership style.
  • Collaborative editing tools: Collaborative editing tools, such as Google Docs, can help you work on projects together.
  • Time-tracking tools: These technology tools can help track how much time your employees spend on each task.
  • Employee productivity tracking tools: These tools can help you measure employee productivity and optimize your workforce performance by following online activities.

Leading a Better Workplace Culture by Promoting Career Development

A better and more inclusive workplace culture benefits your company. Inclusion, as Kelly Wong states, is making sure that everyone in the company feels valued and respected.

Additionally, inclusion enables employees to be a part of the company culture. As a result, your staff will be more confident and eager to work collaboratively.

There are many ways to create a great workplace culture. However, you’ll want to invest in employee training and career development first. According to Stellia Zulu, promoting employee training and career development is essential for organizational growth. You can do this during the onboarding process.

For example, you can give your remote employees access to a virtual course related to inclusion and diversity in the workplace so they can receive training. On LinkedIn Learning, you can find several courses on these matters, including Be an Inclusive Organization People Won’t Leave by Jodie-Ann Burey.

In this TED talk, Burey explains the nuances of inclusion and underrepresentation of people of color in companies.



Furthermore, by considering tuition reimbursement and mentorship programs, you may deploy your leadership skills while also creating a better workplace. Additionally, you can provide them with reading materials on your company’s core values and culture, as well as ebooks to assist them in completing their tasks.


Bottom Line

Working smarter, leading better, and getting ahead are all goals that can be accomplished with the help of technology and learning. By using the tools at our disposal, you can also make your workflow more efficient and improve your productivity. Additionally, creating a workplace culture that promotes career development can encourage employees to reach their full potential.

What strategies have you put in place to work smarter, lead better, and get ahead?


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