Apply these 5 New Ways to Collaborate and Onboard New Hires

Collaboration and onboarding are essential to motivate employees and foster efficiency in the workplace.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 7, 2022

Collaboration and onboarding are two tactics that you cannot ignore in your recruitment strategies in 2022.

On the one hand, promoting collaboration is essential to have more cohesive work teams and motivate your remote workers. Furthermore, through collaboration, remote employees will be able to generate new ideas and products. The most immediate result of collaboration is efficiency in the workplace.

On the other hand, onboarding also makes it possible to strengthen work efficiency. By onboarding your new remote workers, you will motivate them too.

You can include them in special activities, such as meetings with senior executives or providing them with exciting work materials.

Through onboarding, you can consolidate a permanent bond with your remote employees and allow them to strengthen their professional careers. Remoto Workforce will share five new ways to collaborate and onboard your new hires in this blog post.


Host Weekly Teams to Collaborate

You can host weekly teams to bring together the remote employees and foster diverse and inclusive dialogues between them.

By utilizing specialized software for online communication and collaborative work, you can achieve a better problem-solving dynamic in your workplace. In addition, you will increase sales and profits since the employees work more efficiently.

Finally, you’ll reduce the effects of isolation on remote employees, helping strengthen their well-being and mental health.


Use Project Management Software to Collaborate

Technology can help deepen partnerships between remote coworkers. For example, if your company provides translation services, you can get remote work tools to create collaborative translations in the cloud, such as Stepes.

Also, if your company is centered on design services, you may want to use collaborative software for UX-UI design, such as Figma.

In addition, you can use online software to assign tasks to employees and track their signs of progress. Monday and Click Up will allow you to track your employees’ assignments and monitor the efficiency in the workplace.


Create Checklists to Onboard your Employees

We suggest you create a list for onboarding your employees in their first week of work.You can add activities to this checklist, such as explaining the company culture, empowering them through upskilling activities, or inviting them to a virtual hang.

You can learn more about onboarding in our blog post.

Moreover, in this TED talk, you can learn how important is company’s culture currently.


Send Your Remote Employees a Welcome Kit

You can create a welcome kit for your new remote hires. Whether you choose baskets or beautiful boxes, you can fill them with work items and send them to your remote employees’ homes.

Additionally, when creating the welcome kit, you will want to consider your employee’s expertise. If, for example, your new hires will have positions as operational associate engineers or civil engineers assistants, you can create a welcome kit with items associated with technology.

Here, we share some ideas of items to fill welcome kits for your new hires:

  • Mugs
  • Coffee or tea
  • Gift cards
  • Snacks
  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • T-shirts or sweaters with your company’s logo
  • A handwritten welcome letter
  • A water bottle with your company’s logo
  • Stickers for laptops
  • Relaxing candles
  • Subscription to meditation platforms, such as Headspace.

Send Your New Hires a Technological Gifts

We suggest you give your new employees technological devices to promote reading. Reading is an essential skill to nurture your employee’s mind. For instance, you want to give them a Kindle reader.


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