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This workshop is designed to help your team take the kinks out of your virtual process or integrate your local office to your virtual staff creating a balance that will bring results through efficiency, niche personnel that you can plug in and plug out like USB stick as your business needs change.

Points of Interest

Communication is the key to success in any endeavor but in a virtual environment where the human senses are lessened by technology, specific, direct and precise communication and direction are the key to production.

-Planning and Forecasting
With managers and planners have a keen eye on the days, weeks and months ahead, organizations can plan for increased and plug and play virtual assistance that will keep the shipping running smoothly and profits increasing.

In todays tech enhanced world there are a variety of tools that help with communication, organization, sharing, planning, meeting and finding pin point results.

-Screening Virtual Staff
Hiring quality virtual staff members can be challenging and has a higher turnover rate than a traditional based hiring and human resources. We will discuss ways to find success in hiring virtual assistants and curbing your success without losing time.

Integration of staff, either virtual with virtual, or virtual with local staff can be tricky process, finding the right chemistry and system can be a key to freeing your resources.

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