A Guide to Find and Hire the Right Virtual Assistant in 2022

Virtual assistants are an important position in any company in 2022. In this guide, you will learn how to hire the best virtual assistant.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 29, 2022

Virtual assistants, also known as VA, will play essential roles in any company in 2022. They will support you in all your tasks and, in addition, they will contribute to the growth of your business. Consequently, in this guide, we teach you everything you need to know about finding and hiring the best VA.


Identify your Needs: Do You Really Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The first step in hiring any remote employee is determining if you need them. Do you need to hire a VA? If you need additional support with your emails, calls, financial reports, and any task, you will want to hire a VA. Learn what a person in this position can do on Quora.


Assess Your Budget

Before hiring the perfect assistant, we recommend you consider your budget. Typically, staffing needs are a significant part of your company’s recruitment strategies and strategic planning. To identify your staffing needs correctly, we suggest you follow these steps:


Identify your business goals

If you identify your goals, you can give direction to your company toward a greater purpose. Then, you can create a sustainable growth strategy and an HR plan that allows you to hire the perfect VA in 2022.


Identify staffing needs and opportunities

Staffing comprehends recruitment and hiring processes within your company. If you establish KPIs in your HR operations, you will manage to hire the right virtual assistant.


Creating a staffing plan

You can create compelling job positions and lead hiring procedures to have excellent virtual assistants in your business by developing this plan.


Know More About Virtual Assistants


Business and resource experts explain that VA in a company are crucial. However, what do they do?

According to Sebastian Amieva, they provide “various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location.” They can manage your social media, events, calendars, appointments, and emails. In addition, they can also prepare reports and develop personal tasks, such as booking hotels or restaurants.

Tyler Basu explains two types of VA: the general virtual assistant (General VA) and the specialized virtual assistant (specialized VA).

While the general VA can support you in performing tasks for your business, the specialized VA relies on a particular skillset and focuses on your company’s specific areas.

Suppose that you want to hire VA for your front desk or the civil engineering department of your company. Then, you may want to hire virtual front desk services virtual assistant and a civil engineer virtual assistant. In addition, you may want to check our job positions to decide on what type of VA to hire.


Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy


You can strengthen your recruitment strategy to hire the best VA in 2022. In this case, we recommend you follow these steps:

Create a creative and fantastic job description: to attract the best candidates to your VA positions, develop a compelling job description you can post on social media or job boards. Also, you may want to get help from an outsourcing partner such as Remoto Workforce.

Interview your candidate: you can learn all you need to know about your role as a job interviewer in this video.



Propose a paid trial: you can propose a paid trial to potential candidates to be sure.

Seal the deal: if you’re sure about your candidate and, then, have a conversation on the contract terms and type of employment.



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