A Guide to Understand How the US Job Market is Changing

The US job market is beginning to change at a rapid pace. This Remote Workforce guide will help you navigate these transformations.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 23, 2022

The US job market has begun to change at a rapid pace. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, some change trends have manifested in the American labor market. For example, remote work is here to stay, changing how we communicate and live.

In addition, the US job market has been dominated by millennials and freshers in virtual assistance positions, and companies have used recruitment approaches based on diversity, inclusion, skills, and gender equality. Simultaneously, inflation is reinventing wages and the entire workforce nowadays.

In this blog post, we present you a guide for navigating the current changes in the labor market in the US.


Remote Work Prevails

Remote work has been a trend accentuated in the American labor market since the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Richard Yao, the COVID-19 has proven that remote work is here to stay. Likewise, remote work has helped small businesses compete with larger businesses.

As remote work prevails in the US job market, the unfilled job skyrockets to a record high in 2022.

Business owners affirm they have millions of job openings available, but only a few workers apply to their recruiting process. This is due to workers refusing to return to in-site workforce and opting for remote jobs.

Sam Kern explains everything you need to know about how remote work changes lives In this TED talk.


Inflation and the Struggle for Increasing Minimum Wages

Inflation, which is not only a domestic but also a global economic trend, is reinforcing activism and struggles to increase the minimum wage to live with dignity.

By December 2021, inflation grew 7%, provoking a rise in hourly wages by 4.7%. According to the US Department of Labor, this is the fastest inflation rate since June 1982.

As a result, a rise in costs of goods and services, ranging from alcohol, food, and health services, is expected. This also motivates citizen demands for augmenting minimum wages.

For example, California’s Living Wage Act 2022 raises concerns among small business owners that getting higher wages due to inflation could affect prices.

If you want to learn more about the impacts of the activism for increasing minimum wages in the US and how to be prepared for this situation as a business owner, we invite you to read this blog post.


The US Job Market is Changing Toward Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Parity

Today, businesses are taking inclusion, diversity, and gender parity seriously.

Hence, outsourcing partners have been helping business owners to create excellent human talent pools. For example, Remoto Workforce has created value for small businesses by promoting HR management approaches oriented toward ethics and inclusion.

Likewise, some economic indicators show that a healthy labor market in South Carolina is growing. From the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce, Bryan Gardy asserts that progress in this state is good.

One of the main contributors to economic growth in South Carolina is the real estate services sector. Young workers are starting to be hired in small businesses as real state virtual assistant services South Carolina.

Moreover, gender parity and female leadership emerge as motivations for creativity and innovation in workplaces.

Women have joined small businesses and large companies to create exciting workplaces and contribute soft skills, such as effective communication, attentive listening, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.

As a result, organizations in the US today have remote labor environments and are reinventing workplaces. For example, Google’s Diversity Annual Review 2021 mentions how this giant corporation has reinvented workplaces by incorporating diversity and parity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has delimited guidelines for incorporating diversity in vital initiatives for HR management.

We recap some of these guidelines to provide you with excellent examples of issues you may want to integrate into your HR strategic planning:

  • Racial equity
  • Accessibility and disability inclusion
  • Gender representation
  • COVID-19 and inclusive well-being




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