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The basic function of the Lead Mechanical Designer is to complete assigned design tasks required for a project. The Lead Mechanical Designer is to ensure that all assigned tasks are processed meeting all scheduled design submittal dates, maintaining quality, accuracy, as well as sound design practices. The Lead Mechanical Designer is to monitor the project’s design hours and ensure that the assigned tasks stay within the allocated hours for each task.


  • Vocational Degree in Mechanical Design/CAD and/or B.S.
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering from an accredited four year university plus CAD training
  • Experience: 5+ years Mechanical Design
  • Licenses: No special license is required for this position.
  • Skills: The ability to develop detailed 3D models and mechanical drawings for use in fabrication and construction. Advanced  technical communication skills are required. Must have the  ability to utilize resources to streamline the design process. Must be proficient with computers (specifically AutoCAD and Inventor design software) as well as modern mobile  communication methods.
  • Must possess strong math skills, and can read reports, charts, and graphs. A strong understanding of mechanical design and fabrication is required. Must have a basic  understanding of ANSI, ASME, and AWS. Must have the ability to make correct decisions based on design requirements for a project.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Lead Mechanical Designer is responsible for completing the assigned design and drawing tasks as determined by the Engineering Manager.
  • Maintains up to date knowledge of the Sigma Thermal CAD system software as well as any advancements in the CAD industry.
  • Aides in developing and coordinating design standards with other designers and engineers.
  • Maintains a professional CAD Station.
  • Answers for design hour budget deviations on assigned tasks.
  • Must maintain a design reference library for standard design tools, components, and resources.
  • Must report estimated time to complete assigned tasks within the project scheduling software.
  • Must maintain updated design reference guides, reference books, vendor data, design tables, welding symbol reference charts, etc.
  • Communicate task assignment discrepancies to the Engineering Manager immediately upon discovery.
  • Develop accurate and complete mechanical drawings as required by each project task assigned. .
  • Track design hours used on each project task.
  • Coordination of the design team (if applicable) on an assigned design project.
  • Must be present and on time for the work hours agreed upon with the Engineering Manager.


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