How To Use Videos for the Recruitment and Onboarding Process

Videos are excellent tools for filling your recruitment and onboarding processes with creativity and innovation in 2022.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 8, 2022

Recruitment and onboarding processes require innovative means to hire the right candidates for job positions and socialize new employees within the company’s culture.

Videos are essential tools to communicate with others and upskill your entire remote workforce.

In 2022, you can also use videos for your recruitment and onboarding activities. Videos for promoting job advertising, communicating with candidates in remote positions, and managing a candidate base would be helpful in remote recruitment.

Moreover, videos are valuable to create engaging job material for your new employees when onboarding. Also, you can develop videos to communicate complex ideas or instructions and replace boring tutorials.

Likewise, in videos, to may want to welcome new employees in their first week on the job and make them feel happy and motivated in your company.

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about using video to recruit potential candidates for specific job positions and socialize them into your business’s organizational culture.


Using Videos in Recruitment

Recruitment videos serve diverse purposes, such as advertising, communicating values, and managing long-distance conversations with candidates.

For example, Marinko Josipovik explains that although recruitment can be very stressful moments, videos are excellent tools to ease the process. This is how you should use videos in your recruitment processes:

Job advertising: use videos to promote open job positions in your company in creative ways. For instance, you may want to use the best edition tools for sharing images on the daily routine of a remote worker and display the required skills and responsibilities of the candidate for this exciting job position.

You engage candidates with your company and offer them value by doing this. You may rely on marketers and community managers to create and share videos for job advertising purposes.

Communication with candidates: videos can help you communicate with candidates during the recruitment activities. For example, it is possible to create videos with a message from the head of remote or the human resources director of your company.

Long-distance candidates: develop videos to recruit remote workers worldwide and share your business’s values and core culture with them.

Manage a candidate base: in the interview, you can request permission from the candidates for job positions to make recordings and make videos. Afterwards, you can send them the videos and manage your candidate base.

In addition, you can see specific benefits of creating videos for your recruitment processes, such as making the hiring process faster, building solid relationships with candidates, increasing retention and performance, and displaying the company’s culture and values across the remote workforce.

Finally, in this LinkedIn teach you practical tips to create recrutiment videos with what you have in home. This would be helpful if you perform your tasks daily as a employee from home.


Using Videos in Onboarding

Onboarding is an essential piece of human resources management. Videos are excellent alternatives to socializing remote employees since onboarding deals with teaching them a business’ core values, routines, and practices.

Adam Hayes clarifies that videos are practical and efficient ways to introduce people to new ideas and build value for a business in onboarding strategies. Therefore, videos can be produced to explain complex ideas about your company quickly and easily.

Also, Hayes suggests replacing dull text tutorials and giving creative material to your new employees. Through videos, you display business products and services in context, welcome your new employees during the first week on the job, and share FAQs.

Michal C. Bush can tell you important thins to make your employees happy, which you can include in your onboarding strategies and videos. If you are looking to foster satisfaction among your employees, this TED talk would be perfect for you.




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