5 Ways to Take Your Talent Search Beyond the Common Places

Take your talent acquisition beyond frontiers, clichés, and common places by searching for excellent candidates in social groups, forums, and meetups.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 31, 2022

Recruiters typically search for potential candidates for their jobs on freelance marketplaces or employment and professional platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

However, the Internet offers many more alternatives to improve recruitment and talent acquisition initiatives. For example, social groups, forums, and virtual meetups are great places to build engaged talent pools for your biz in 2022.

In this blog post, you will learn five effective ways to take your search for human talent beyond the common places.



Quora is a question-answer platform that aims to connect people through collaborations. These collaborations occur when people pose and edit questions and comment on answers submitted by others.

In addition, Quora became a “remote-first” company in 2020. Remote workers develop each job position in Quora from different countries and continents.

How to use Quora for talent acquisition? First, creatively create your profile. Then, participate in the conversation to foster connections with your candidates. Therefore, identify the thought leaders and reach out to the expert industries.

In Social Talent, you can find essential information on how to foster recruitment in Quora.


Recruiter Forum — Recruiting Blogs

Powered by Recruiting Daily, this forum helps thousands of recruiters to get qualified and engaged talent at any time.

Also, this forum provides users the opportunity to interact and discuss exciting topics regarding HR management, such as recruiting horror stories and lovely stories about your new hires.

In this TED talk, you’ll learn how to improve your recruitment strategies by focusing on scrappers. This can be an exciting topic of discussion for Recruiter Forum.



Meetup.com is a platform to meet new people, search for events, or create social groups based on numerous interests. You may begin by creating an account on Meetup.com and interacting with job seekers to see if they’re interested in your job positions.

Also, you can check groups to disclose information about your company and your open job positions. Moreover, you can attend recruitment events that can be virtual or near your home location.



This website collects more than 2000 Slack chat groups and communities where you can get excellent hires.

For instance, there are Slack chats about exciting topics, such as programming and web development, finance, marketing, UI-UX design, graphic design, e-commerce, and video gaming.

Do you need a marketing specialist or a videogame developer for your company? Then, you can share a job posting in those Slack chats and boost your talent acquisition.



Furthermore, Slofile.com gather thousands of Slack chats and communities where you can find exciting topics and people to engage with and communicate your open job positions. You’ll only need to select a category, a language, a region, or introduce a keyword to find excellent conversations.

On Slofile.com, you can find Slack groups in these categories: hardware, startup, gaming, food, marketing, tech, community, learning, e-commerce, programming, business, and entertainment. In addition, you can filter your search by languages such as Chinese, English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, and Swedish.

Are you an expert in languages? Try to get talent across borders by practicing the language of your preference and communicating job positions available in your company.


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