When Should You Hire Someone on Upwork?

REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - June 1, 2022

What are the signs that it’s time for you to hire someone on Upwork?
Knowing when you should hire somebody on Upwork comes down to one of seven reasons that I’ll be sharing in today’s video.

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0:00 – Introduction to When Should You Hire Someone on Upwork

0:14 – Situation #1: Hire someone if you don’t have this

In this situation, you could either give up before even trying, or even just upload videos without any sense of editing. But that all comes with downsides such as bad retention or not actually giving the best product for your viewer. So instead you could turn to Upwork to fill that void in terms of your skillset.

1:04 – Situation #2: What’s your current team bandwidth?

A good example is a few months ago for work, I had to run an impact study with our customers and I didn’t have time to actually make a pretty one-pager to use as a summary for all the findings that we got from our customers.

So what I did was I went on to Upwork and I hired a visual designer who was really good at InDesign to essentially create a one-page handout that we could consistently give to all of our prospects in the future that educated them on the findings of my impact study.

Upworkers can be a great way to expand the bandwidth on your team, especially when you’re running up on a tight deadline.

2:16 – Situation #3: Is there a particular process you don’t want to do anymore?

Maybe there’s something in your job that you really hate. Well, there’s actually a case to be made that you could actually hire an Upworker to do that for you.

For example, a lot of times in the past, I’ve had different CRM issues in terms of data integrity that I have to clean or maybe I’m merging different duplicate contacts.

As opposed to spending my own time to do that, what I’ll do is I’ll make a video of me doing that task five or six different times, and then I’ll hire an Upworker virtual assistant to help me complete that task.

3:54 – Situation #4: Do you have a clear outcome of what you want done?

In the case where I’m running a YouTube channel, it’s going to be the videos edited. In the case where it’s the duplicate context in the CRM, it’s going to be all those duplicate contacts being cleaned, or in the case of my impact study, it was the one-pager that we created in order to share to prospects.

So whatever the case may be for you, when you’re in situations where you can clearly define exactly what the end goal is, and you can compartmentalize the different pieces that you need done.

4:41 – Situation #5: Do you have the budget?

This is a really great time for you to bring somebody on board because it means that your time can actually be opened up to focus on more of those strategic priorities.

5:26 – Situation #6: How often do you delegate?

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re getting super stressed or bogged down by all the things on your plate, it means that you’re probably not delegating enough to other people on your team, or you don’t even have a team in place.

So by hiring somebody on Upwork to help you out in these different areas, it can be a great stress reliever.

6:13 – Situation #7: You’re not working smarter

If you’re working too many hours, it means that you’re not working smarter and you’re just working harder.

And that only works for a certain period of time before you reach a point of burnout. So to fight that burnout, you’re going to want to just take a step back, document and create standard operating procedures for what an Upworker could help you with, and then from there start to hire and onboard those people.

Are you experiencing one of these seven signs? Which one?

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