What Our Customers Really Think About Remoto Workforce

Remoto Workforce proposes distance working as a new paradigm of labor in North America and beyond.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 1, 2022

Remoto Workforce is an American company primarily focused on helping small businesses in the United States and Canada switch to a long-term remote workforce.

In the words of our clients, our company offers a unique valuable partnership and outsourcing solutions widely recognized in North America.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Remoto Workforce has played an important role as a business partner of American companies, not just to innovate HR strategies to maintain profits and sustain operations in an uncertain economy, but a mindset shift to have a significant impact on people’s future success.

We believe that remote work is the future of work that allows us to balance professional and personal aspirations and that it is possible to significantly reduce payrolls and people ops through effective outsourcing strategies.

In this blog post, we have gathered the feelings of our clients and our core Brand Values, including stories of our most appreciated clients: Pete Bohenek from Rhythm Agency and Belén Díaz from Virtus Writing Solutions, and how Remoto Workforce service creates value in the North American economy and small businesses in the United States and Canada.


Our Company


Remoto Workforce was founded by two passionate entrepreneurs: Rene and David Gagnon. They both speak English, French, and Spanish and are deeply connected to the Latin American and Mexican cultures. They constantly support and motivate their work team in Puebla, Mexico. Our company promotes the benefits of remote work for small companies in the United States and Canada.

To do this, Remoto Workforce provides remote recruitment and a highly skilled and bilingual outsourced workforce.


The Remote Recruiting and Working Experience


We support the core of our brand value with the customer promise of providing high-quality employee recruitment and outsourcing services to ensure business growth in the United States and Canada.

To achieve this, our company deploys an effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to create a talented, diverse, and global human talent pool.

Remoto Workforce helps businesses in finding the most suitable candidates for a wide variety of specific job positions, that guarantee efficiency, and growth.

Additionally, Remoto Workforce helps create candidate profiles for businesses and designs a well-thought onboarding process.

As a result, our clients can focus on their growth and expansion, while our human resources experts assume the complex payroll management processes. This is the main benefit of HR outsourcing.


Why Do Our Trusted Clients Use Outsourcing?


Pete Bohenek, one of our clients from Rhythm Agency, go through the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic while recognizing how this life crisis event changed business forever. Today, he appreciates the role of Remoto Workforce in helping expand their business through human resources outsourcing:


Pete Bohenek, one of our clients from Rhythm Agency, endured go through the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic while recognizing how this life crisis event changed business forever. Nowadays, Today, he appreciates the role of Remoto Workforce in helping expand their business through human resources outsourcing: 

Although being disastrous on the global health of humanity, Covid has brought some positives sides to businesses. 

It forced us to work from home for a while and made us realize that we don’t need to work in the office to get things done anymore. And as we continue to growth during this pandemic, we started hiring remote people. 


Now we have employees from Atlanta, New York, Texas, California, Colorado, Minnesota. We are now all spread out. I was speaking to David, the founder of Remoto and he was telling me about sourcing employees from Mexico. 


It doesn’t matter to me where the employee is at anymore as it is used to. I am more into finding the right talent and finding people who do great work. 


I think with teleconferencing and the right skills sets; we don’t need to be in the same office anymore. Plus, the time zones of Mexico it perfect for the US in comparison of working with someone in the Philippines or India. As long as there is reasonable overlap of time with ourselves so that we can work together during the day. 


Hiring people that are working remotely actually helped us to get better talent as opposed to where we used to do meaning limiting ourselves to Southern California. Our minds are opening up.


How We Are Creating Value for Our Clients


Belen Díaz from Virtus Writing Solutions has mentioned how Remoto Workforce has been a strategic business partner in the short-term growth of her company in Florida during the coronavirus pandemic.

Undoubtedly, she says, Remoto Workforce added value to Belen’s professional and personal life through remote employees outsourced by project with social marketing specialists, virtual assistants, and community specialists. This allowed her to focus on her business expansion:


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked as a professor and researcher at a prestigious university. I was very confident about my personal finances because I had just earned a Ph.D. at that time. However, the pandemic proved that I was “designed” by heaven to endure difficult times.


When I faced unemployment during the pandemic, I needed additional income and refuged myself in freelancing writing.


I began to provide editing and proofreading services, and two years later, I became an experienced SEO and UX content writer. Now I have my own writing business with remote employees. They’re my colleagues in writing too. Remoto Workforce allowed me to understand that outsourcing is a valuable resource for business.


On a personal level, I trust the work of my remote employees in Mexico because of Remoto Workforce. ¡I’m so glad I found Remoto Workforce!



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