Back-Office Operations tasks that a Virtual Assistant does

Virtual assistants can increase the company’s productivity, reduce costs, and save precious time in 2022.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - March 24, 2022

One of the most decisive moments for any business owner or human resources manager is hiring a well-trained, outsourced virtual assistant 

A virtual assistant must rely on a complex set of skills that includes expertise in each market niche and abilities to manage time efficiently. Also, a virtual assistant needs to have excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Hence, finding the ideal virtual assistant is not always an easy task.  

In Remoto Workforce, we will tell you everything you need to know about finding a perfect virtual assistant for your business needs in 2022.  


Who Usually Hires Virtual Assistants? 

According to Sigifredo G. Corcio, outsourcing a virtual assistant has many benefits. For instance, virtual assistants can increase the company’s productivity, reduce costs, and save precious time in 2022.  

All businesses, entrepreneurs, couches, speakers, writers, and freelance workers need to think about hiring a virtual assistant. Since virtual assistants work remotely, they can benefit all companies and individual clients by supporting different operations.  


Corcio mentions four ways in which virtual assistants can help assignments in each organization:  

  • Virtual assistants may do secretarial work and handle administrative tasks daily.  
  • Virtual assistants may support desktop publishing, including brochures, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, emails, databases, and reports.  
  • Virtual assistants may book trips for their supervisors.  
  • Virtual assistants can help translate and transcribe information. 


Types of Work That a Virtual Assistant Does  

There are as many types of virtual assistants as there are market niches. In other words, there are virtual assistants specializing in advertising, marketing, construction, finance, technology, and academic research.  

Regardless of the experience of each outsourced virtual assistant, they can develop certain types of work for your company in 2022. For example, Willem van Zyl asserts that when a company owner or human resources manager is overloaded with tasks and responsibilities, a virtual assistant can handle an average of 100 assignments.  


In Remoto Workforce, we make a list of many of these tasks explained by van Zyl:  

  • Finding product and service providers. 
  • Finding networking opportunities.  
  • Scheduling appointments. 
  • Booking travel, accommodation arrangements, reservations, and conference venues.  
  • Managing emails and social media.  
  • Proofreading and editing.  
  • Researching presentation content. 
  • Writing reports.  
  • Updating databases.  
  • Managing receipts and taxes.  
  • Designing and editing.  
  • Creating websites.  
  • Creating content for social media.  


If you need to know more about the usual tasks of any virtual assistant, it would be helpful for you to check – What do virtual assistants do? in Quora 

Also, if you are interested in hiring virtual assistants, you may want to read our job descriptions. For instance, you will find important information on how to hire an aircraft technician in maintenance virtual assistant, record and mail clerk virtual assistant, legal support administrative assistant, and machine operator virtual assistant in 2022.  



Find the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Business Needs 

Hiring the perfect virtual assistant for your business in 2022 is easy. In this video, Trent Dyrsmid shares his secrets for finding virtual assistants.  



Do you like the video about How to Hire a Virtual Assistant – 2021 Tutorial & Best Practices?

We enlist a few of these secrets for your information:  

  • Create a comprehensive and compelling job post.  
  • Prepare the job interview to identify if candidates have the required expertise and skills. 
  • Explain the  recruitment and hiring process to the candidate, including documentation.  
  • Moderate your expectations.  


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