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What qualifications, skills and experience required the Program Manager of Financial Content to be successful in their role?

The Program Manager of Financial Content creates educational content and market commentary for digital and print publications. Commentary pieces, social media posts, and blog posts often allow The Program Manager of Financial Content to provide their personal opinion on recent business news. The Program Manager of Financial Content educational content can range from articles on various financial topics, to comprehensive learning guides, or textbooks that might become assigned reading for students in a college course. A number of financial publishers might hire The Program Manager of Financial Content will work and submit their work over the internet. It's not uncommon for The Program Manager of Financial Content to toil at their laptops until all hours of the night, or on weekends, as necessary.

Program Manager of Financial Content Responsibilities:

  • Create, manage, and own all investment content, including slide decks, spreadsheets, typeforms, activities, etc.
  • Build fun and educational webinars on relevant financial and investment topics and present them to hundreds of poeple on an ongoing basis.
  • Collaborate with a designer to ensure presentations fit brand standards, are visually appealing, and convey financial information succinctly.
  • Answer financial questions live and online from participants.
  • Be the single-source of truth for financial content that gets distributed via the website and social media platforms.

Program Manager of Financial Content Requirements:

  • Committed to creating and owning long-form content programs without much hand-holding.
  • Lead and share their financial expertise with a broader community.
  • Presenting educational content to an audience that is hungry to learn investment concepts.
  • Public speaker who brings great energy to the virtual room and is confident portraying financial concepts.
  • Comfortable with the unpredictability and limited resources of an early-stage startup.
  • Communicator who is both a team player and challenger when they think differently about the strategy at hand.
  • Interested in personal finance and helping other women succeed.


Program Manager of Financial Content – USA & Canada
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