7 Examples for Effective Remote Working Videos

Remote working videos will be essential in reinforcing your current skills and learning more about dealing with balance and mental health while working from home.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 8, 2022

Remote working videos can help you update and renew your skills using technology and the Internet. For example, YouTube offers you various opportunities to grow in your professional career and achieve a better work-life balance.

You can learn how to build inclusive and diverse workspaces, how to protect your well-being as a remote worker, and how to begin a online business from home and as a freelancer.

This blog post lists seven remote working videos and channels you can use in 2022.

Building Inclusive Workplaces

Grow Remote can be perceived as an award-winning social enterprise with non-profit operations that teach people how to work remotely.

This enterprise focuses its remote working videos on making the digital nomad lifestyle more visible, accessible, and inclusive in its videos.

Given the recent significance attributed to social justice in businesses, we recommend Grow Remote’s video on how to create inclusive workplaces.


How to Start Freelancing 

Flux is the personal vlog of Ran Segall, who works as a professional designer and entrepreneur. Segall shows his journey as a freelance, remote worker on his YouTube channel.

He also teaches lessons and talks about how he built his career in his remote working videos. In one of his most essential videos, Segall will teach you how to start a freelancing career from home.


Facts About Remote Recruitment with Louis Thorne, Talent Partner of Flipdish

In this episode of Grow Remote, hosts speak with Louse Thorne, Talent Partner of Flipdish, about the numerous challenges in remote recruitment. This video teaches you how restaurant and hospitality businesses can benefit from distance working, mainly in digital marketing and social media management.


The Surprising Power of Remote Work

Sam Kern shares his experience living abroad and working remotely in this Ted Talk. Creating life as a digital nomad allowed him to learn how a laptop and having free time to chase curiosities bring happiness.

This remote working video will make you question the daily life of a remote worker.


3 Steps to Stop Remote Work Burnout

If you are a remote worker or a human resources specialist, this video will be interesting. While working remotely, it is straightforward to see blurred the border between our work and personal lives. However, when that border is erased, burnout comes with insidious consequences.

As a result, Morra Aarons-Mele shares her honest advice with you on how to protect your health while working from home.


3 Rules to Better Work-Life Balance

Also, when you are an outsourced remote worker, it is essential to keep a proper balance between your personal and professional life.

For doing this, Ashley Whillans recommends you recreate healthy habits and have a purposeful existence in this working remote video.


Remote Work Tips and Tricks – Remote Works

Peter Moriarty teaches you how remote working has become a new paradigm in human resources management in pandemic times. Undoubtedly, this shift toward working from home has been capitalized by companies and small businesses.

However, if you are new to remote work or are planning a transition to a wholly digital environment in your company, Moriarty’s tips will benefit your intentions.



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