How to Source More Candidates through Indeed and Linkedin

Indeed and LinkedIn, two worldwide professional and employment platforms based in the US, can enhance your recruitment and hiring initiatives. Learn how.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 29, 2022

Indeed and LinkedIn are among the most popular platforms for finding jobs or virtually developing recruitment and hiring processes in Canada and the US in 2022. These platforms, intended for employers, recruiters, and job seekers, can be accessed from sixty countries for free.

In addition, if you’re an HR management specialist, work in a staffing agency, or definitely want to hire remote workers, Indeed and LinkedIn will allow you to develop numerous recruitment techniques.

In this blog post, we tell you all about Indeed and LinkedIn. In addition, we explain the benefits of these networks for searching for candidates, and we’ll provide you with some tips to improve your recruitment and hiring strategies through LinkedIn and Indeed.


Indeed and LinkedIn Explained 


Indeed and LinkedIn are global employment sites that serve job seekers, staffing agencies, and human resources analysts to explore diverse opportunities to grow individual flexible careers or companies.

Indeed was initially founded in the United States by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. Since then, this website has evolved as a job board with a search engine that recruiters can use to post job openings, receive applications, and manage the recruitment process.

Although posting a job is free on Indeed, you may want to pay a fee like Google Ads to move your job announcement to the top of the searches.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is perceived as the largest professional network on the Internet. Founded in the United States by Reid Hoffman and owned by Microsoft since 2016, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to find jobs and internships and source more candidates for your company.

For instance, you can use LinkedIn Recruiter to hire candidates faster and engage the world’s most qualified, diverse, and inclusive talent pool for your business. Therefore, you can create a list of candidates, connect with them through personalized emails, and have their contact information. You can also create templates to reach your candidates immediately through LinkedIn Recruiter.

If you want to learn how to use LinkedIn Recruiter, we recommend this video.


Tips to Source Candidates on Indeed and LinkedIn


If you want to hire the best candidate through Indeed, Workstream explains four special tips for you to enhance your recruitment processes. We recap these tips for you here:

Pay for a plan and be aware of your budget: Indeed offers you plans to help you meet your recruitment and hiring needs. If, for instance, you pay a plan, you can conduct unlimited resume searches and sponsor your job announcements.

Work on your job title: keep your job title specific and short in your post. While your job title may be clear enough to convey the position, you may want to write it creatively to attract candidates.

Job description: keep your job description engaging and easy to read. Also, include terms related to the role and your industry or market niche.

Applicants’ qualifications: be specific in the candidates’ qualifications and mention education, experience, certifications, language proficiency, and skills requirements in your job post.

If you decide to incorporate LinkedIn into your recruitment and hiring strategies, Rohma Abbas suggests you these tips:

Create an outstanding LinkedIn profile and company page: this will help you stand out from the crowd and communicate your brand and values to your candidates.

Create a compelling and exciting job description: we recommend you include information on employment type, seniority level, responsibilities, requirements, skills, and company description in your job posting.

Also, it would be significant for candidates to know how to apply to your job, so be sure to include detailed information on how to submit a job application in your company.

Set a budget for your post: adding a reasonable budget would be essential for reaching more candidates. Remember to include these expenses in your HR planning.



Find Candidates on Indeed and LinkedIn: Recruitment Marketing

It’s essential to have a concrete recruitment marketing plan when sourcing potential candidates on Indeed and LinkedIn. However, what is recruitment marketing? Recruitment marketing is the process of creating and executing a plan to identify, attract, engage, and hire the best talent for your open positions.

The goal of recruitment marketing is to build relationships with candidates and create a pipeline of qualified applicants for your open roles. To do this, you need to understand what your target candidates are looking for and communicate that you have what they need. This explains why articulating a recruitment marketing strategy to strengthen an employer brand is crucial.

Do you want to learn more about employer branding? Check out this fantastic TED talk.



Additionally, you need to create content that appeals to your target candidates and use the right channels to reach them. Moreover, you need to measure your results so you can continually improve your recruitment marketing strategy.

Ultimately, recruiting marketing is all about making sure that you’re attracting the best possible talent for your company. By taking the time to understand the needs of your target candidates and creating a plan to reach them, you can ensure that you can find candidates on Indeed and LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more about how to find candidates by reading resumes on Indeed, watch this video.




Two of the best places in 2022 to find and post jobs in Canada and the USA are Indeed and LinkedIn. Both platforms will contribute to your recruitment strategy and help you make your employer brand stronger. As a result, you’ll attract top talent to your company and contribute to its growth.

Have you considered LinkedIn or Indeed as a method to recruit and source candidates? Let us know.


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