This Is the Latest Report on Top Flexible Careers in 2022

Flexible jobs are in demand in 2022. Learn how to add flexibility to your remote workforce in our latest report on flexible careers.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 8, 2022

Flexible careers are inherent to the current job market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working and hybrid alternatives have been accentuated in many corporations, mainly those oriented by technology and information.

According to Arthur Zuckerman, flexible careers are evolving fast. In a 2018 survey in the U.S., 55% of generation X respondents affirmed that work flexibility was important. Also, in South America, 81% of the companies operate only with a remote workforce.

This blog post presents Remoto Workforce’s latest report on the top flexible careers in 2022. In addition, we tell you everything about how to achieve flexibility in your company and what are the most in-demand job positions.


What Are Flexible Careers?

Sweta Pachlangiya explains that flexible careers are the path to the entire life we deserve. According to Pachlangiya, work-life balance sometimes sounds cliché since there is no golden rule to achieve happiness.

Instead of work-life balance, flexibility results critical for attaining happiness in our careers amidst social inequalities.

In other words, beyond the dichotomy between work and personal life, what we need is a flexible career in 2022.

What are flexible careers, then? In flexible careers, employees quickly adapt to circumstances in diverse workplaces.

Nevertheless, flexible jobs also entail accepting that things will change, and workers need to reconfigure their professional careers to new situations.

Mindtools describes flexibility as the capacity to adjust to short-term change calmly, considering helping team partners, problem-solving, and working from home.

In this video, the American Psychological Association (APA) explains flexibility in the workplace in detail.


How to find flexible careers in 2022?

Mindset recommends seven solutions to add flexibility to professional careers in 2022. In Remoto Workforce, we describe these solutions to help you build an entirely remote workforce:

  • Focus on your core values to decide what to accept and create boundaries.
  • Be open-minded to get different perspectives on specific issues in your workplace.
  • Develop your skills to fit in with the industry trends.
  • Be optimistic to manage stress effectively.
  • Stay calm to protect your mental health.
  • Plan to measure risk and anticipate challenges.
  • Have a strong support network to manage your work with flux and calmness.

Human resources professionals, such as directors, administrators, and generalists, can help you add flexibility to your outsourced remote workforce in 2002.


What are the most demanded flexible careers in 2022?

Here, we share a list of the most demanded flexible job positions in 2022. By doing this, we hope to help you foster remarkable careers in your business:

  • Freelance remote content writers
  • Telesales remote associates
  • Remote SEO managers
  • Remote security software engineers
  • Remote business analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Remote field marketing managers
  • Social media managers
  • Social media strategists
  • Virtual assistants


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