It’s Time to Talk About What Female Leadership Means

Gender equity and diversity benefit businesses in various ways. Learn how to support female leadership and boost your business' growth.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 16, 2022

Much has been discussed about the presence of women in business. For example, experts have pointed out that there is still a gender gap in companies and that, therefore, women face more obstacles in accessing management positions.

However, gender equity, female leadership, and diversity benefit small and medium businesses, such as better productivity and growth.

In this blog post, we tell you essential information about female leadership and how having parity in your outsourced remote workforce will improve your business.


The Gender Gap in Business Explained

According to Briony Harris, the concept of gender gap is helpful to analyze power relationships and disparities between women and men in businesses.

Usually, attitudes and beliefs concerning how women and men can behave or act in the workplace determine gender inequality in workplaces.

Also, social, political, economic, and intellectual values determine what roles women and men play in a given company. As a result, cultures influence how businesses assign responsibilities to women on a directive level and how female leadership unfolds.

Gender gap is still prevalent in U.S. companies, and it is more accentuated in senior positions and leadership. Because of this gap, women face more challenges when accessing and dealing with directive positions in businesses.

Likewise, women gain lower salaries and receive more work obligations than men. This leads to female burnout and the complete abandonment of the corporate world by women.

You can learn more about gender gap and how it impacts women in this Netflix video.


Economic Benefits of Gender Equality and Female Leadership

Parity, inclusion, and gender diversity in companies have benefits. Also, incorporating more women into the workforce can lead to better economic reactivation after the COVID-19 pandemic. Katie Reynolds describes two benefits of having more women in workplaces and directive positions:

A diverse workplace: incorporating more women in critical job positions create space to foster creativity and innovation. Men and women approach issues at work differently. So, women can bring ideas and solid leadership to businesses that lead them to grow.

Women have soft skills needed for business leadership: since women have different personality traits, they have developed soft skills to have any leadership role. For example, women generally show essential skills for companies, such as effective communication, empathy, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. These skills are valuable in female leadership.


How to Open the Path to Female Leadership in Your Business?

You can encourage gender equality and diversity in your business by fostering female leadership. Remoto Workforce suggests four actions to promote women parity:

Create proper conditions to promote gender equality and diversity: This entails considering these issues seriously in your human resources planning and corporative culture.

You may want to gradually develop initiatives to change attitudes toward women’s work in your company. For doing this, you can get advice from your head of remote.

Change your communication codes toward women: you can communicate with women by considering them as equals in your business.

Review your salaries and include women in managerial positions: see if there are inequalities in payments between men and women and interrogate why. Also, incorporate women in directive positions, such as associate art directors, creative directors, and associate sales directors.

Develop and implement an anti-harassment policy: women tend to face outbreaks of violence at work, such as harassment and sexual aggression. Having an anti-harassment policy allows women to report and have justice in business.


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