Hiring through PeoplePerHour & Remoto Workforce Whats best?

Freelance marketplaces and outsourcing partners help hiring excellent candidates. This blog post will tell you all about People Per Hour and Remoto Workforce.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - May 24, 2022

There are different methods to hire remote workers globally. For example, some companies recruit their workforce through freelance marketplaces like People Per Hour. Others choose to build highly qualified human talent pools through outsourcing partners, such as Remoto Workforce. Which is the best?

This blog post contrasts the differences between hiring through People Per Hour and Remote Workforce. In addition, we explain the advantages offered by undertaking recruitment processes through these, considering the economic impact for small biz owners amid rising inflation.


Reduce the Cost of Hiring a New Employee

Both freelance marketplaces and outsourcing partners allow you to reduce the costs of hiring a new employee. You can access specialized talent across borders and find more affordable options to get excellent candidates in the first case.

In addition, freelance platforms can help you shortlist candidates and simplify the payments process through Escrow systems that allow you to secure your money until the freelancer delivers you satisfactory work.

Moreover, according to Kara Copple, freelance marketplaces, such as People Per Hour, help streamline your communications with remote workers.

Furthermore, hiring through freelance marketplaces have many drawbacks. For instance, it can be harder to find candidates that meet your specific guidelines due to diverse backgrounds. Also, freelancers tend to not align with your business and disappear since they’re not as loyal and determined as full-time employees.

On the other hand, it will also assist you in hiring remote employees near your country or across borders. In the process, you will reduce time in recruitment since specific initiatives, such as creating job posts having interviews, and shortlisting candidates, is more efficient.

Additionally, Ema Kaplani explains that you’ll be able to find the right people for highly specialized positions in your business through outsourcing.

Therefore, by contacting Remoto Workforce, you will scale your team at a lower cost. Likewise, our company will help improve business and operations performance. You will see that the acquisition of talented workers is quickly and efficiently with us.


Let Remoto Workforce Handle Your Recruitment

Remoto Workforce creates better workplaces through innovative and creative HR management approaches that will allow you to have a qualified, diverse, and gender-inclusive remote workforce.

In our company, we’re committed to assisting small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their goals through a recruitment process that considers technology seriously and work ethics. Meanwhile, we’ll help you focus on designing employee value propositions to get excellent hires in 2022. In addition, our experts in HR solutions will provide advice and alternatives to connect with remote employees and have numerous competitive advantages.

Remoto Workforce will handle your recruitment initiatives by collaborating with you in creating compelling job posts, candidate profiling and shortlisting, and onboarding. We consider onboarding as an essential piece of HR management because it enhances productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Finally, we believe in the benefits of onboarding since this HR management strategy improves motivation in remote employees and helps grow fascinating careers.


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