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What qualifications, skills and experience required the Personal Remote Assistant to be successful in their role?

As a Personal Remote Assistant, will work from home to provide online administrative and clerical support to a business owner, executive, freelancer, or other clients. The Personal Remote Assistant typically take calls, answer emails, schedule appointments, and coordinate travel arrangements. Moreover, a Personal Remote Assistant may have a range of other duties based on your qualifications or background, as well as the needs of your client. For example, a Personal Remote Assistant may manage social media accounts, plan events, or fulfill basic digital marketing tasks. The Personal Remote Assistant responsibilities may also include content creation, research, and finance management.

Personal Remote Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Arrange and coordinate travel (personal and professional) such as booking flights/hotel/ground transportation.
  • Prepare travel itineraries, and making changes as needed or upon request.
  • Conduct basic research and/or proofread (professional and personal) correspondence and documents.
  • Perform a variety of administrative tasks (manage calendars, book travel, manage expense claims, etc).
  • Answer phone calls and respond to emails.
  • Schedule meetings with clients.

Personal Remote Assistant Requirements:

  • High school diploma or related.
  • Experience managing personal calendar, and family schedules.
  • Experience scheduling appointments.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills.
  • Comfortable around troubleshooting technical issues and finding solutions.
  • Provides systematic and dependable follow up.
  • High level of organization and preparedness.
  • Strong organizational, project management and problem-solving skills with impeccable multi-tasking abilities.

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