How did California Get Ranked 1? Thousands of NEW Jobs- June

California is considered one of the strongest economies within the United States and the entire world. In this post, you can learn why.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - June 24, 2022

California is considered one of the strongest economies within the US and the entire world. It is considered by experts and business leaders to be one of the fifth most significant economies in the world on its own.

California’s economy is diverse and vibrant. Dependent on various sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, technology, and commerce, California’s economy contributes significantly to the United States GDP. It provides many jobs for American citizens as well as immigrants.

Recently, California has been ranked as the third most robust economy in the United States, ranking first in economic activity and jobs.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what circumstances led California to become one of the strongest economies.


California Has Ranked 3rd-best Economy in the US: How this Happened? 

Jonathan Lanser explained that California has ranked 3rd best economy in the US and 1st in terms of economic activity. In addition, statistics compiled by WalletHub indicated that California integrates one of the top five economies in the US, including Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

In contrast, the worst economy in the US was found in West Virginia, Louisiana, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Alaska. In addition, California’s primary rival was Texas and Florida, ranked 12th and 14th. 

Why is California in the first place in terms of economic indicators? First, California’s economy is one of the largest and most diversified in the US. With Silicon Valley, California became a leader in technology manufacturing, mainly computers, and electronics. 

Currently, California’s economy is driven by education industries. In the 20th century, California’s population was perceived as one of the most educated in the US and the world. This strongly connects with the development of the aerospace industry, which today is California’s primary source of jobs and revenues. 

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In this video, you can learn more about the Californian economy.


Thousands of New Jobs in California Are Expected by June

In June 2012, California authorities announced thousands of new jobs in cutting-edge industries. Thus, 178 million in tax credits will be invested to create 7,600 jobs in space exploration industries, the development of semiconductor chips for artificial intelligence (AI), and innovation in climate change.

The companies that will receive these tax credits will create full-time jobs in California. For example, AstraSpace Operations Inc. initially received a $25 million credit to increase its manufacturing, research, and development capabilities in Alameda and Fairfield. 

Relativity Space Inc. will also create 1,044 jobs at its Long Beach and Lompoc facilities, where 3D-printed rockets are manufactured, and satellites are transported into space.

Concerning the development of AI technologies, Luminous Computing Inc. received a credit of 14 million to continue deepening its development of artificial intelligence semiconductor chips. With this in mind, the company has committed to creating 895 jobs in Santa Clara.

Other environmental companies received credits, such as Global Algae Holdings Inc., which is expanding its commercial algae farming operations at Shandon in San Luis Obispo County. 

Finally, Re-Match USA Inc. is using this credit to open its first state-of-the-art facility in California, which will separate and recycle synthetic athletic fields.

As a result, California today has a vibrant economy, with a commitment to job creation in innovative industries such as aerospace, environment, and AI. Small businesses in the United States can obtain loans and financial aid to create jobs, which can benefit the national economy.


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