Learn How Top Recruiters Shortlisted the Best Candidates

Shortlisting will be in your recruiting strategies in 2022. In this guide, we will tell you step by step how to create a shortlist of candidates.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - April 29, 2022

Any recruiting strategy your company implements in 2022 will require shortlisting candidates. By using this tactic, you can base your decisions on specific metrics, like education level, work experience, and personality traits. Afterward, you can reach out to your chosen employees and help them transition into the company.

In this post, we present a step-by-step guide to shortlisting your candidates. Shortlisting will be in your recruiting strategies in 2022. This guide will show you, step-by-step, how to create a list of potential candidates.

Shortlisting: An Essential Piece of Recruiting Strategies

By creating a shortlist of qualified candidates, you can better identify which job applicants are the best match for your company by considering the most important criteria. However, what is a shortlist in this context, exactly? Simply put, a shortlist is a list of potential candidates for a job or other opportunity.

Therefore, shortlisting candidates is essential to any business recruiting strategy or other HR initiatives. Why is the shortlisting process so important for recruitment? Shortlisting has several advantages for you, including:

It Saves Time

When you have a large pool of applicants to consider, it can be difficult to determine who is the best fit for the job. By narrowing down the number of candidates, you can spend more time assessing their qualifications and determining whether they are a good match for the position.

It Helps You Stay Focused

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when reviewing a large number of resumes or applications. By creating a shortlist, you can focus on the most qualified candidates and save time in the process.

It Ensures Fairness

When hiring managers are given too many candidates to review, they may subconsciously favor those who are already known to them or those with whom they share similar characteristics. Creating a shortlist will help you avoid this potential bias and ensure that all applicants are judged fairly against each other in 2022.

It Facilitates Comparison

Comparing resumes can be difficult when there are too many of them. By narrowing down the number of resumes you need to compare, you can make better decisions about who is best suited for the job opening.

It Provides Structure

A shortlist provides structure and order to what could be an otherwise chaotic recruiting process.

Jeff Wood shares five excellent tips to shortlist job candidates in this video.

What Recruiters Consider When Choosing Candidates?

There are a few key things that almost all recruiters consider when choosing candidates for a job. The most important factor is usually whether or not the candidate has the necessary skills and experience for the role.

However, other important factors can include the candidate’s ability to fit into the company culture, their willingness to relocate, and their salary expectations. In addition, many recruiters also take into account the recommendations of the candidate’s references.

By considering all of these factors, recruiters can make sure they choose the best possible candidates for the job.



Shortlist Your Candidates Step-by-step

We suggest you these six steps to develop a successful job candidate’s shortlisting process:

Determine your criteria

It will be essential to determine the criteria your candidates must meet to fill the available positions in your recruiting process. Any candidate who aspires to a remote position will have to make sure to follow them to be hired by a company. Usually, these criteria are education, work experience, skills, personality traits, and competencies.

Create a scorecard

You can design a scorecard to determine which candidate is the best for your company. We suggest you include your criteria and an estimated score for each candidate in this scorecard.

Eliminate candidates who don’t meet your criteria

After assessing the criteria and qualifications in your company, you will need to eliminate the less suitable job candidates for your business in 2022.

Conduct interviews

If you’re a recruiter or work in a staffing agency, prepare the questions for your job interview with potential candidates. On the other hand, if you´re a job seeker pursuing your dreams, you can learn from Darren Ryan how to succeed in your job interview.

Give your candidates a score

You can give your candidates a score and exclude those who don’t meet the required criteria to fill job positions in your company in 2022.

Move forward

Kindly communicate with the excluded candidates about your decision not to move forward with them in the recruiting process. Also, message your elected candidates and begin the onboarding process from the beginning.




By following the process we’ve outlined, you can be sure that you are only considering the very best candidates for your open position. Of course, this is just a starting point—feel free to tweak and customize as needed to fit your organization’s specific needs.

However you choose to do it, making sure you have a well-thought-out shortlisting process will save you time and energy in the long run by helping you quickly narrow down the field to those who are most likely to be successful in the role.

How do you go about creating your own shortlisting process?


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