Companies need to hire freshers, and we have 5 reasons why

Freshers are an available workforce waiting for an opportunity. See how can positively contribute to your business.
REMOTO WORKFORCE Team I Updated on - February 10, 2022

Fresher is a popular term that encompasses the first-year university student population. In more traditional human resource management approaches, hiring young people is seen as detrimental to organizations. According to these perspectives, young people are not prepared to take on the challenges demanded by today’s complex market; this is a perfect reason to hire employees with extensive experience.

However, the younger generations hold great promise for all companies, especially for HR specialists and recruiting agents in times of pandemic.

What are the differences between a fresher and an experienced worker? How can freshers’ technological skills contribute to an organization? Why do younger people deserve an opportunity in the hiring process? In this article we will answer all these questions. 


Freshers vs. Experienced Employees  

Today, there are numerous reasons to hire a new and inexperienced worker. Initially, the younger generations are more adapted to new trends and information and communication technologies. Consequently, freshers are equipped with the necessary skills to accept new business processes, such as outsourcing and remote work.

Despite this, freshers are the most rejected people in the hiring process and, compared to experienced employees, they earn lower income.

Pooja Pande from Mentoria explains why a company should hire freshers. First, Pande explains that freshers are always waiting for an opportunity to grow and learn. For this reason, they are usually disciplined, determined, and creative workers. Because freshers always bring fresh perspectives and are up-to-date on the latest trends in their fields, they can move quickly and assume myriad responsibilities.

Unlike seasoned workers, freshers unlearn things they don’t need and absorb whatever knowledge is available, making it very easy to learn the corporate culture.

Additionally freshers are technology-oriented, making them valuable employees for companies, especially in digital marketing and social media management positions. In other words, freshers have a crucial role in any hiring process.  


A Tech-Savvy Generation  

Freshers are members of young generations born with technology.

Top Employers Institute affirm that “freshers are digital natives.” The most youthful individuals of humanity often live with multiple electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops, which makes them perfect remote employees.

Since freshers are permeated by technology, they are more creative and innovative. Instant access to information through their phones and tablets allows them to gain valuable insights to contribute to business growth. Also, the constant use of technology makes freshers resourceful and pragmatic employees. Therefore, freshers must be at the top of your hiring efforts if you want to make an organization stronger and more prosperous.


A Broad and Talented Young Mind Waiting for an Opportunity  

Freshers are an available workforce waiting for a well-deserved job opportunity.

Younger people have technological, creative, and communication skills to occupy any remote work position with discipline and innovation.

At Remoto Workforce, we recommend you strengthen your hiring and outsourcing recruitment process by including diverse young workers who want to learn, grow, and shine.  


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